New Class 10 SDHC Cards from Verbatim

June 20, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

Verbatim has announced a new range of Class 10 SDHC memory cards. Offered in capacities of 4GB to 32 GB both in standard and micro size, the new Verbatim cards are available in the shops now and cost £6.99 (4GB), £12.00 (8GB), £24.00 (16 GB), £40.00 (32 GB).

Verbatim Press Release

Record, transport and share data with Verbatim´s Flash Cards with up to 32GB capacity

London, UK 20th June 2011 – Verbatim’s new Class 10 SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) Flash Cards guarantee minimum data transfer rates of 10MB/second. The fast write speeds and enormous capacities of Verbatim’s SDHC cards make them perfect for use in memory-hungry digital still and video cameras, as well as other SDHC devices like mobile phones, GPS devices, PDAs and MP3 players. The SDHC cards are offered in capacities of 4GB to 32 GB both in standard and micro size. They are available in the shops now and cost £6.99 (SDHC 4GB), £12.00 (SDHC 8GB), £24.00 (SDHC 16 GB), £40.00 (SDHC 32 GB), £6.99 (microSDHC 4GB), £12.00 (microSDHC 8GB), £24.00 (microSDHC 16 GB), £40.00 (microSDHC 32 GB.

Super-fast read- and write-speeds of 10MB/sec (minimum)
Capacities from 4GB to 32GB
Available both in standard and micro size

SDHC cards are designed to be used in compatible digital cameras, portable music players, camcorders, smart phones, PCs or other consumer applications. The increasing use of high-definition video, high-resolution digital photography and mobile applications demands higher storage capacity and faster data transfer rates. Because of this, SDHC Cards guarantee a minimum sustained data transfer speed, not a maximum speed, with the Class 10 specification indicating a minimum data transfer speed of 10MB/Sec. They use a FAT32file system, a specification that was established for applications with higher capacity needs and are especially suitable for high-quality video.

Verbatim’s SDHC Cards are fully compliant with all applicable SD standards. They also contain a write protect feature to prevent accidental erasure. SDHC cards use the same physical format as SD cards but cannot be used with SD host devices that do not comply with SDA Specifications Version 2.0.

Micro SDHC cards for mobile phones

Currently the smallest form factors of memory card available, the microSDHC memory cards are designed especially for mobile phones. This tiny memory card consumes very little power, therefore preserving the battery life of your mobile phone. It can also be used in GPS devices, MP3 players, digital cameras and PDA’s. The list of compatible devices grows daily and Verbatim microSDHC memory cards are compatible with all devices that have an SDHC slot when used with the SD adaptor.

“With its latest SDHC Class 10 high-performance cards – both in standard and micro size – Verbatim is extending its flash range to cope with the growing demand for storage cards with large capacities and short transfer times,” says Hans Christoph Kaiser, Business Development Manager Flash and USB Memory Verbatim EUMEA. “With the two different sizes and the storage capacities of 4GB to 32GB we offer a high-class flash card storage solution for everybody.”

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