Nikon D50 Review

August 26, 2005 | Mark Goldstein | Photography Blog | Comment |

Nikon D50The Nikon D50 is currently the cheapest digital SLR camera that you can buy, costing £550 / $750 at the time of writing. The D50 is Nikon’s attempt to capture a large slice of the entry-level DSLR market, tempting both those people who have held off buying a DSLR because they are too expensive, and those who are upgrading from a compact digital camera. Nikon have simplified the controls somewhat and the D50 uses SD memory cards rather than Compact Flash cards to provide an easier upgrade path. The Nikon D50 also has a much lighter plastic body than the more expensive D70s that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Having said all that, Nikon haven’t tried to cripple the D50 by removing lots of features - indeed, it’s pretty hard to spot where the D50 has less functionality than the D70s. So should the Nikon D50 be on your shopping list, and is it a viable alternative to the pricier D70s?

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