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PMA 2006: Nikon Pictmotion in-camera slideshow functionality is introduced in the new Coolpix S5 and S6 cameras.

Nikon Press Release

So much more than a slideshow, Pictmotion blends images, movies, music and visual styles to produce entertaining in-camera shows.

Tokyo – Nikon Corporation is proud to announce Pictmotion – a unique new feature that makes it easy to share the joy of photography in a more entertaining, more advanced manner. Presently available with the newly released COOLPIX S5 and S6, this in-camera capability enables recorded image and movie files to be combined with music and visual styles to produce intuitive in-camera shows that take the fun of digital photography much further. Containing patented technologies provided by muvee Technologies Pte. Ltd., Pictmotion empowers the COOLPIX S5 and S6 with an embedded muvee-making function similar to the muvee feature previously available with Nikon PictureProject software – automatically analyzing selected images, movies, styles, music and settings to produce creative, compelling slideshow productions that are easy to make and exciting to show. And because the software is already in the camera, users can make and view their Pictmotion productions on the go, save them to memory, and enjoy playing them back again and again anywhere – without the need for a PC.

Available whenever a memory card is inserted in the camera, Pictmotion lets users select the images they wish to appear in the show. Using the easy-to-understand menu and the handy Rotary multi selector, they can select all of the images stored, for example, or select files individually. They can even select files according to the date they were taken. Pictmotion shows can be made from movies too, displaying a portion of each included file, and users can adjust the order of playback in Pictmotion shows with a choice of Random or Play in order settings.

Select up to 30 images Choose a date
Pictmotion users can select the music they wish to accompany the show from a maximum of eight tracks. Pre-installed in the COOLPIX S5 and S6 are five well-known tracks already arranged and optimized for playback clarity on the LCD or a TV, comprising “Pachelbel Kanon”, “Scarborough Fair”, “Pomp and Circumstance March”, “Turkish March” and “Grandfather’s Clock”. And by using Nikon’s innovative PictureProject software (included with the camera), users can save up to three soundtracks to a memory card, each up to three minutes long, for use in a Pictmotion show*. Such choice and capability means users can always select music and sounds to perfectly match the images on show.

Change settings
Pictmotion users are free to select from a range of muvee production styles comprising “Classic”, “Moody”, “Motion”, “Pro-slow” and “Pro-fast”. Once the images, movies, music and styles have been chosen, users are free to proceed – with the Pictmotion function cleverly processing all elements in-camera to produce an impressive slideshow with pace and transitions determined by the music and choice of style. Users can then enjoy the finished Pictmotion show, with three superior design elements of the COOLPIX S5 and S6 working together to make the very most of the experience – the aforementioned Rotary multi selector enabling easy control, the larger, improved speakers of the COOLPIX S5 and S6 providing a higher quality of sound playback and the large 2.5- and 3.0-inch LCDs of the respective cameras offering an impressively wide 170-degree viewing angle that make it easy for everyone to see.

The joy of Pictmotion also extends beyond the camera. In fact, the latest version of Nikon’s unique PictureProject software that comes bundled with both the COOLPIX S5 and S6 offers a Pictmotion function with a broader range of features for use on PCs, such as the ability to save and play back each Pictmotion show on a PC* or to save it to a DVD for sharing – so users can enjoy additional Pictmotion enjoyment whenever at home and take the more accessible in-camera version with them wherever they go.

Learn more about new Pictmotion from Nikon. Visit the COOLPIX Premium Features website at and experience the joy of Pictmotion for yourself.

About muvee Technologie
Headquartered in Singapore, muvee Technologies Pte. Ltd. is acclaimed as a pioneer in automated video production and renowned for its award-winning autoProducer software that automates the creation of professional-looking multimedia productions.

* Via PictureProject for Windows only.

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