Nikon Remote Grip MC-N10 for Vidoegraphers

November 2, 2022 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories | Comment |

The Nikon Remote Grip MC-N10 is a new accessory for videographers and moviemakers.

Running on two AA batteries, the MCN10 offers 12 hours of battery life. It has an ARRI standard rosette connection, is fully weather sealed, and uses a USB-C connection to the camera body.

Supporting the Z9, Z7II and Z6II mirrorless cameras, the Nikon Remote Grip MC-N10 will cost £439 when it goes on sale on Dec 1st 2022.

Nikon UK Press Release


London, United Kingdom, 2nd November 2022: Today, Nikon is pleased to announce the Remote Grip MC-N10 — a new accessory for videographers and moviemakers. Perfect in any set-up, this lightweight and reliable grip lets users seamlessly control the Nikon mirrorless camera at the heart of their video rig.1

Whether recording alone or as part of a small crew, shooters can control all main video settings via familiar buttons set into the MC-N10 grip. Available functions include those normally controlled by the camera’s rear buttons, as well as settings assigned to the camera’s dials or Fn buttons. An ARRI standard rosette fitting allows for quick changes in position, and the grip’s click-free dials keep things quiet on set.

Dirk Jasper, Product Manager, Nikon Europe says: “This new remote grip really opens up the possibilities for videographers working with minimal kit and small crews. Its lightweight build and comfortable feel give you the kind of handling you need to track and pan without worry.”

Summary of key features—Remote Grip MC-N10

Remote grip for video: allows control of key video functions right from the grip.

Lightweight: weighs approx. 310 g with two AA batteries inserted.

Versatile: an ARRI standard rosette makes it easy to change position quickly. Click-free dials offer quiet control.

12 hours operation time: shoot for extended periods with 2x AA batteries inserted.

Stable connection: the grip connects to a Nikon camera via USB-C, ensuring reliable control in any shooting location.


WWA: 2nd November 2022

Sales start: 1st December 2022

RRPs: MC-N10– £439 (UK) | € 519 (ROI)


1 The Remote Grip MC-N10 is compatible with the Z 9, Z 7II, and Z 6II at time of launch. A firmware upgrade is needed to operate the Z 9 using this grip.

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