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The Nissin Di600 is a successor to the well-established Nissin Di622 Mark II flash gun. The new model has a similar feature set to its predecessor, but at a better price point. Powered by four AA batteries, the flash has a zooming tilt-swivel head, and the guide number is 44 in metres (at ISO100/21°) at the 105mm setting. A 16mm wide-angle diffuser is built in together with a fill-in reflector. The new gun is available now in Canon and Nikon fit, with Sony fit available in November. The suggested retail price is £145.50.

Kenro Press Release

New model added to the Nissin flash range - Di600

Kenro, the official UK distributors of Nissin Flash Guns, has announced a successor to the well-established Di622 Mark II in the form of the Nissin Di600.

The new model has the same great feature set to its predecessor, but at a better price point, meaning great value for those in the market for a versatile flash gun for their DSLR camera.

The Nissin Di600 is a high powered flash unit (using four AA batteries) and boasts a recycling time of just 5 seconds. The Slave facility synchronises to pre-flash systems, traditional single flash and to wireless remote flash systems, so it's very versatile.

Focal Length and auto zoom range is from 24 to 105mm, with an output of GN44 (m) ISO 100 at 105mm. It features a bounce/swivel head design that swivels 90 degrees to the left, 180 degrees right and 90 degrees up, for bouncing the light off the ceiling. A 16mm wide-angle diffuser is built in together with a fill-in reflector.

The Flash Power Control System for different camera brands include: Canon E-TTL / E-TTL 11, Nikon i-TTL and Sony ADl / P-TTL.

Comments Paul Kench, managing director of Kenro: "This is a great entry level flash gun, plus, if you've ever fancied using multiple flash, the Di600 could be a perfect second unit to use for creative lighting or just as a back-up flash. There's a great feature set for the price."

Technical Specifications:

* For Canon, Nikon and Sony Digital SLR cameras.
* Guide number (at ISO 100 in m): 44 (at 105mm focal length).
* Focal length coverage: 24-105mm (16mm when using built- in wide panel).
* Power Source: 4 x size AA alkaline batteries (Size AA Ni-MH or lithium batteries usable).
* Battery life: 200-1,500 flashes according to the mode (with alkaline batteries).
* Energy saving: Switch to stand-by mode in 2 minutes, and power off in 60 minutes (after the power on or the last use of flash unit).
* Recycle time (approx): 5 seconds (with fresh alkaline batteries).
* Flash exposure: E-TTL II / E-TTL (Canon), i-TTL (Nikon) and ADI / P-TTL (Sony).
* Flash power lock: FE lock with [FEL] or [*] button on EOS camera (Canon) / FV lock with [AE-L] or [AF-L] button on the cameras (Nikon).
* AF assist light (approx): 0.7m to 6m.
* Colour temperature: 5,600K.
* Flash duration: 1/800 (full power flash) sec. 1/800 – 1/20,000 (controlled flash) sec.
* Wireless Flash: SD: Slave Digital / SF: Slave Film (Slave function with 6 power level). Wireless TTL Slave:  for Canon / Nikon---wireless remote Channel 1 Group A. For Sony---wireless Remote (RMT) (Controlled by Master flash).
* Dimensions: 77 (W) x 130 (H) x 103 (D) mm.
* Weight: 315g (not included batteries).
* External service ports: Standard & 3.5mm PC sync terminal.
* Accessories: Flash stand (with screw).
* Product Codes: NFG012C (Canon), NFG012N (Nikon), NFG012S (Sony)

The new gun is available now in Canon and Nikon fit, with Sony fit available in November.  SRP is £145.50.

If you would like further information, or want to find your nearest stockist, go to or call 01793 615836.

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