December 11, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Comment |

Erin Fong, an industrial design student at California College of the Arts has devised a completely new type of DSLR camera. The Nova DSLR breaks with the conventional SLR form factor that is rooted in film camera design, and takes a new approach to camera ergonomics. “The Nova DSLR Camera takes different forms with the mobility of the camera arms, giving comfort to left-handed and right-handed users. In addition, the buttons are located at the fingertips allowing users to simultaneously take pictures and easily locate the features they need,” Fong explains. As you might have guessed already, the Nova DSLR is a concept only, but it surely is a novel one that deserves attention in our view.

Website: Erin Fong’s Nova DSLR Camera

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