Novoflex Adapter Enables Use of Nikon Lenses on Canon Bodies

July 26, 2010 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

A new adapter from German accessories manufacturer Novoflex enables aperture control, stop-down metering and aperture-priority shooting with G series Nikon lenses on Canon EOS SLR bodies. According to Cameratown, the secret to this is a lever on the side of the adapter, which allows the user to control the aperture on G series lenses that lack an aperture ring. This is not the first Canon-to-Nikon mount adapter out there, but the majority of older models would only allow shooting with older Nikkors that do not carry the G designation. The new Novoflex adapter lets Nikon fans who have been waiting in vain for Nikon to release an affordable 20+ megapixel DSLR to buy a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and use their existing F mount lenses on it, and also allows current Canon users to purchase Nikon lenses that have no Canon equivalent - such as the 14-24mm f/2.8 ultra wide zoom pictured above - for their Canon SLR cameras. In the EU, you can order the Novoflex EOS/NIK NT adapter directly from the manufacturer for €169. In the US, Novoflex adapters are marketed by HP Marketing Corp.

Via Cameratown

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