Official Canon EOS 5D Mark III Sample Images

March 2, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Digital SLR Cameras | Comment |

Canon Japan has posted a number of full-resolution sample photos taken with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR camera. There are 15 samples in total, although about half of them are marked as “Coming soon” at present. However, the other eight EOS 5D Mark III sample photos can be enjoyed in their full 22-megapixel glory. The sample pictures were taken at various ISO speeds ranging from ISO 100/21° to ISO 3200/36°, using a variety of Canon L lenses. Additionally there are three EOS 5D Mark III sample movies, each complete with a “making of” video. Note that unlike the stills, the movies have been downsized for the Web.

Website: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Samples | Canon Japan

Update: All 15 samples are now available for download.

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