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Olympus has announced a new professional-grade flash for the Micro FourThirds system. The new Olympus FL-900 R features protection against dust, splashes and sub-zero temperatures, and can be used both on- and off-camera thanks to its wireless TTL metering/triggering capabilities. The flash has a zoomable tilt-swivel head that covers the angle of view for a focal length of 12mm-100mm lenses and 7mm-10mm lenses when using the built-in wide panel. The guide number is 58 (in metres at ISO 100/21°, in the 100mm position). The Olympus FL-900 R flash will become available in December 2016 at a recommended retail price of £549.99/€599.00.

Olympus Press Release

Fast and powerful flashlight FL-900 R to match the coming speed-wonder Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Hamburg, 09/19/2016 • Olympus further ramps up on professional equipment with powerful flash in sealed housing for shooting in any kind of weather – The new Olympus FL-900 R complements the professional line-up of high-end OM-D models and M.ZUIKO PRO lenses. Next to the high guide number of 58*, its ability for high-speed sequential shooting under adverse weather conditions makes the FL-900 R an extraordinary part of any professional’s equipment. It will become available from December 2016 at a recommended retail price of €599.00.

Speed is essential

Never again miss the chance for that unique shot. This flashlight in combination with the coming OM-D E-M1 Mark II is a match made in the photographic Olymp. In combination with this new camera, the FL-900 R offers the highest speed and an unparalleled sequential shooting performance**.

Let there be light under all conditions

Allowing you to keep shooting when others have to pack up and head home, the FL-900R features protection against dust, splashes and sub-zero temperatures*** – thus matching the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, E-M1, E-M5 Mark II, and E-M5 models, and all lenses in the M.ZUIKO PRO series. This high-intensity flash combines the power of the camera’s built-in image processor (TruePic) and TTL synchronization technology for optimal lighting. It covers the angle of view for a focal length of 12mm-100mm lenses and 7mm-10mm lenses when using the built-in wide panel.
Videographers will love the bright LED Movie Light function with 100 Lux. It can be set to Auto or Manual mode, with possible adjustments by 1 EV steps from full power down to 1/32.

Extremely versatile with wireless options and different modes

  • The compact, lightweight Olympus FL-900 R has different operating options in wireless mode and may be used for high-intensity multi-flash photography via wireless control. This unit can be attached to the hot shoe of a camera and can be used as the master flash when using the commander function.
  • It may be used as master or slave, and with its four channels is compatible with up to 4 groups. Up to 4 flash groups can be controlled from the camera. It can be selected whether a group fires or not, and compensation for the flash output can be set, among other settings.
  • As it can be expected from a top-level flashlight, the head can be turned (180°/180°) and tilted (90°). FL-900R not only syncs with the High Res shot function and supports Focus Bracketing, it is also compatible with the various Olympus shooting modes for a wide range of photographic expression.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check the Olympus website at http://www.olympus-europa.com for the latest specifications.

* At ISO100 and when setting to a focal length of 100mm (35mm equivalent, approx. 200mm).
** Details to be announced with OM-D E-M1 Mark II.
*** When using it in a low temperature, please warm the battery by keeping it in a pocket etc.

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