Olympus x Bleu de Chauffe Accessories for PEN-F Camera

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To celebrate the second birthday of their PEN-F camera, Olympus have collaborated with artisanal French leather makers Bleu de Chauffe to offer new range of accessories.

Olympus Press Release

Olympus collaborates with artisanal French leather makers Bleu de Chauffe to offer new range of accessories for their PEN-F model

Olympus x Bleu de Chauffe: New leather accessory collection exclusively for the Olympus PEN-F

London, February 2018 – A beautifully crafted camera needs an equally beautiful set of accessories: To celebrate the second birthday of their much loved PEN-F model, Olympus has teamed up with top French leather makers Bleu de Chauffe and created an exclusive new range. Known for their high quality and sharp design, all Bleu de Chauffe products are handmade in France with the finest vegetable tanned leathers. The Bleu de Chauffe brand perfectly complements the considered timeless quality that is the essence of the PEN-F. The exclusive range includes 4 items: two bags, one pouch and one strap and will be available through selected outlets from March 2018.

Inspired by the industrial universe of the 20th century, Bleu de Chauffe re-invented work bags in a contemporary and urban way. Top quality leather is used to create functional but beautiful products befitting a camera with the heritage of the elegant Olympus PEN-F.

Itinerant photographers increasingly demand a more sophisticated way to carry new smaller cameras alongside ever present laptop/tablet and phones. With this in mind, first in the range is ‘ARLES’, the larger of two briefcase style camera bags that can house two PEN-F bodies with 2-3 lenses. The ‘BOLOGNE’ is a smaller option suitable for one body and one or two lenses plus a small laptop or tablet. When travelling really light, the ‘PRADES’ pouch is designed to take just the PEN-F with a slim-line lens like the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14‑42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ Pancake zoom lens. To carry the PEN-F in style, the ‘GIRAUD’ is an adjustable leather camera strap made to last while being light, thin and very comfortable.

The demand for a bag that befits the exclusive PEN-F camera and the whole quality craftsmanship feel is there as Co-Founder of Bleu de Chauffe, Alexandre Rousseau explains: “Before we started the company, we had seen an increasing demand for authentic and workwear products, locally sourced and produced and felt we had the knowledge and the networks to bring these to market. Our mantra is ‘Made in France’ with the finest vegetable tanned leathers and handmade manufacturing by highly trained craftsmen. Each bag is dated and signed by its artisan. When we heard that Olympus was looking for someone to create the perfect accessory to their PEN-F we knew we had the right credentials. I am very delighted with the results.

Produced in small batches, this initial range will be available exclusively through www.bleu-de-chauffe.com and https://shop.olympus.eu/

The exclusive Olympus x Bleu de Chauffe accessory range

>    ARLES: Large Bag at recommended retail price of £549.99

>    BOLOGNE: Small Bag at recommended retail price of £399.99

>    PRADES: Camera Pouch at recommended retail price of £169.99

  • >GIRAUD: Camera Strap at recommended retail price of £199.99

The Olympus PEN-F

The finest materials and the demand for high quality combined with a timeless design make an extraordinary camera – the Olympus PEN-F. It is the perfect camera for those who adore the finer things in life. Yes, the PEN F can deliver world-class photography – but its aura aspires to more.

Website: www.olympus.co.uk/pen-f

Instagram: @olympus_penfclan | #olympusPENFclan

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