Olympus XZ-10 Hands-on Photos

January 30, 2013 | Mark Goldstein | Digital Compact Cameras | Comment |

Want to see exactly what the new Olympus XZ-10 premium compact camera looks like in the flesh?

Check out our hands-on gallery of photos of the Olympus XZ-10 compact camera, including a side-by-side comparison with the previous XZ-1 model.

Although equipped with a much smaller sensor than the Olympus XZ-1 and Stylus XZ-2, the new Olympus XZ-10 may still be of interest to serious photographers owing to its bright lens, full set of manual controls, 120fps high-speed HD video recording capabilities and 40% smaller size.

A gallery of 29 photos of the Olympus XZ-10 premium compact camera.

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