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January 11, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | Digital Compact Cameras , CES 2012 | Comment |

A detailed hands-on look at Panasonic’s new CES cameras and lenses.

In addition to the prototype 12-35mm and 35-100mm lenses, Panasonic are also displaying prototypes of the four new Lumix conversion lenses - DMC-GWC1 wide, DMC-GTC1 tele, DMC-GMC1 macro, and DMC-GFC1 fisheye - which will retail between $129.95 and $149.95 (fisheye) in the US (UK pricing TBC).

Quality is said to be on a professional level, although they’re not X-branded, and we couldn’t what the light loss will be when they’re fitted to either the 14-42mm power-zoom or 14mm pancake lenses that they’re compatible with.

Also on display are the five new compact cameras that were announced last week - the DMC-S2, DMC-FH2, DMC-FH8, DMC-SZ1 and the DMC-SZ7 (US product names) - and the rugged HX-WA2 hybrid camcorder.

Take a closer look at all of Panasonic’s CES 2012 cameras and lenses in our photo gallery.

A gallery of 36 hands-on photos of Panasonic’s new CES 2012 cameras and lenses.

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