Peak Design Anchor Link Replacement

June 7, 2018 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories | Comment |

Peak Design have issued an update regarding a few instances of accelerated wear regarding the company’s “Anchor Link” quick connect system. The issue only affects PD Straps purchased within the last year (more specifically 8/17/17-6/5/18).

In August of 2017 Peak Design updated their Anchors with a thinner Dyneema cord. This update helped Anchors adapt to a wider variety of camera eyelets without needing an intermediary ring. While this design solved the initial problem, it didn’t take into account the varying degree of smoothness of camera eyelets between the countless makes and models of cameras on the market. In some cases, abrasion between the camera’s eyelet and the Anchor cord occurred more quickly than anticipated.

Peak Design have seen just seven customers affected by accelerated wear (to provide context, Peak Design has more than 1 million of these new thinner cords out there). However, this small rate of failure is unacceptable by Peak Design standards. As a result, the Anchor design has been updated, and all customers who purchased affected straps in the past have been notified and offered free replacement Anchors via this survey:

Here’s a handy video that Peak Design has put together outlining the problem and solution: 

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