Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 Lens for Full-frame Mirrorless Cameras

May 23, 2019 | Mark Goldstein | Compact System Camera , Lenses | Comment |

The Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 Art lens for full-frame Sony E, Canon RF and Nikon Z mirrorless cameras has just been announced.

Lomography Press Release

For Mirrorless Full-Frame Sony E, Canon RF and Nikon Z Mounts

We are thrilled to introduce our latest Art Lens: The Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 designed specifically for the growing full-frame mirrorless systems, a fierce toolkit for every modern photographer and filmmaker! So what’s so crazy about this lens?

    • Compatible with Sony E, Canon RF and Nikon Z Mounts
    • Dedicated Bokeh Control Ring
    • Dual Aperture System
    • Special Waterhouse Aperture Plates
    • Flexible 55 mm Focal Length
    • Easily Integratable in the Filmmaker Arsenal

    One Lens, Two Different Feels

    You can now choose between a brass design vintage look, with a knob stepless aperture control or an aluminium design, with a stepless aperture ring for a more Contemporary feel.

    Powerful Bokeh

    For even greater control over the bokeh, we added a dedicated bokeh control ring, which enables adjustment in seven levels.

    The New Filmmaker Favourite

    You can now adjust focus and f-stop while the camera is rolling and easily integrate the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 into your filmmaker’s arsenal.

    Freedom of Creativity

    The aperture plates, coming with the lens, facilitate different shapes of bokeh for an even greater range of creativity.

    The Newest Oldest Lens

    In 2013, Lomography reinvented Joseph Petzval’s legendary optic for the modern SLR systems. After 6 years of fine tuning, Lomography is proud to introduce the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 to the mirrorless world.

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