PhotographyBB Magazine Releases 46th Free Edition

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The 46th issue of the free PhotographyBB Online Magazine is now available for download. This edition explores some of the new ways in which photographers are thinking about composition. It also includes an illustrated article on underwater photography and a number of important safety tips and techniques for shooting during the cold winter months. Additionally, PhotographyBB is offering a free e-book entitled “11 Ways You Can Improve Your Photography”, published by Craft and Vision. You can download the e-book and magazine (free registration required) from the websites below.

Website: PhotographyBB
Website: Craft and Vision

PhotographyBB Magazine Releases 46th Free Edition

30 NOVEMBER 2011

Nov 30th, 2011 – VANCOUVER, CANADA: PhotographyBB announced today, the release of the 46th edition of the downloadable PhotographyBB Online Magazine. PhotographyBB Magazine is a free, downloadable monthly publication with the goal of educating beginner to intermediate level photographers, and has become a leading resource in the future of free information distribution. PhotographyBB Magazine offers readers: Digital Photography tips and techniques, DSLR camera function training, discussions on issues surrounding the photo community, and image post processing tutorials in Adobe® Photoshop, and RAW processing in Photoshop Lightroom.

PhotographyBB Magazine is available for free download:

This edition explores some of the new ways in which photographers are thinking about composition. Recent considerations include breaking through the boundaries of traditional compositional rules, taking a more creative approach instead. Additionally, photographers will learn important safety tips and techniques for shooting during the cold Winter months.

Editor in Chief, Dave Seeram had these comments regarding this recent release:

We tend to think of January as the time to commence new things, yet I feel that we’re breaking new ground with the release of this edition. It’s become increasingly important to myself and our team, to start looking at deeper photographic issues as they relate to how we manage our creativity. While continuing to explore techniques for improving your photography, we’re also going to start taking a deeper look at improving our creative vision.

And speaking of vision, we have a FREE eBook announcement. In addition to downloading your copy of this free, monthly magazine, be sure to download your free eBook, Craft and Vision: 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography at

But we’re not finished there either… We’re giving away another Drobo to our readers who enter our draw! Entry is free and open to everyone, and details are in this edition of the magazine. I wish all of our readers good luck, and Happy Photographing!

By way of download in PDF format, PhotographyBB continues its trend through the future of free downloadable magazine distribution. Each edition contains informative and educational tutorials for amateur and intermediate level photographers. In addition, the PhotographyBB Magazine also features useful and practical tutorials on how to use image processing tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom to build on digital photography post-processing skills.

PhotographyBB Magazine is available for free download through the PhotographyBB Website at:

PhotographyBB was founded in Oct, 2006, and is a division of PowerButton Central (2004).
For more information, visit the PhotographyBB website at:


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