Photokina 2016 Interview: Nikon on Medium-format, Mirrorless and Premium Compact

September 21, 2016 | Mark Goldstein | Digital Compact Cameras , Digital SLR Cameras , Compact System Camera | Comment |

We briefly sat down with Dirk Jasper and Jordi Brinkman from Nikon Europe to get their thoughts on medium-format, mirrorless and and premium compact cameras.

Medium format seems to be the new 35mm full-frame, in terms of several recent announcements by Hassleblad and Fujifilm. Can you comment on how Nikon views this development?

Officially, of course, we cannot comment on other manufacturers products. Every professional photographer has different demands, which are met by different kinds of camera. The D810 and D750 have certain advantages over other systems, such as speed, and when they were launched, they actually took market share from medium format.

How is the Nikon 1 system doing in Europe? Is it still being promoted?

The Nikon 1 system will definitely still be be around in the future - there are no plans to withdraw it from the market, as you can tell by our stand which has a large Nikon 1 area. The Nikon 1 J5 camera is selling really well, allowing us to achieve up to 10% share with just one camera model in some European countries. Again, the smaller sensor size gives the Nikon 1 system some key advantages when compared to larger sensor cameras.

When will the much-delayed DL range of premium compact cameras be launched?

We are close to commenting on the new launch date, possibly in a few weeks time. Watch this space!

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