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September 28, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Software | Comment |

Engelmann Media GmbH has released a new program called Photomizer, which offers fully automated intelligent image optimisation. Sub-optimal exposures are adjusted, colours corrected and shadows are lightened up. The program recognises the important parts of a subject and uses its intelligence to lighten up and optimise faces for example. Allegedly, only those parts and attributes of a photo are changed that actually require editing, whereas the others are left alone. System requirements are Windows XP/Vista/7 and minimum of 1 GB RAM. Multi-core CPUs are supported. The software is available at an introductory price of €29.99.

Website: Photomizer

Engelmann Press Release

Engelmann Media turns lousy pictures into excellent photos!

Photomizer is the fully automatic photo studio for the trouser pocket. The small program is a sly dog when it comes to pixels. It analyzes digital photos, which quite often show wrong colours, faulty exposure and insufficient definition. Afterwards the photo is “photomized” - and immediately gains in quality, definition and luminosity. This picture optimization for everyone can likewise be used in batch mode.

Annoying, tiresome, makes you tear your hair: even expensive digital cameras are often not able to capture reality 1:1 on a photo. Sometimes the default settings of the camera are not suitable, sometimes the wrong aperture is used. When viewing the photos back at home you nearly faint time and again. The ocean is no longer green but grey. Blue skies look as if it is going to rain and anyway, there is a fog on all subjects, which cannot be removed with the standard tools. Many users try to improve the photos with the slide control of a run-of-the-mill image editing, but actually make them worse. In the end, completely botched photos of important moments are in the recycle bin of the computer.

No question, you need a pro. Photomizer 1.0 of Engelmann Media knows all about the weaknesses of digital photography.

Tim Stoepler of Engelmann Media GmbH: “The Photomizer tries to reconstruct the picture that the photographer saw when he took the photo. And in fact, it works. After optimization with the program, users often report that the photo now exactly portrays the situation as they have stored it in their memory.”

Photomizer 1.0: Feed per drag and drop, reap in batch mode

You only have to feed the program with your own photo files, import them per drag and drop to the program view and then you can start. The photos are fully automatically optimized. False exposures are adjusted, colours corrected and shades are lighted up. The program recognizes the important parts of a subject and uses its intelligence to light up and optimize faces for example. This means: not the whole photo is changed but only those image attributes, which require editing and disturb the perfect overall impression

When storing the optimized photos, the user determines target format, resolution and the required computation algorithm. It goes without saying that the target folder too, can be determined. If you want, you can rotate single photos.

Photomizer 1.0: Scaling for the picture frame

Photomizer - besides its exclusive filters for picture optimization - provides some additional functions that are no less impressive, unusual and innovative.

Very innovative for instance is the scaling optimizer. It is able to adjust the resolution of your photos so that they fit perfectly into a hardware picture frame. Normally, the photos are simply forced into the frame resolution and black bars are added to the sides if the picture does not “fit”. The scaling optimizer can calculate the photos without black bars. Missing picture information is simply created anew and the technique also works for photos that are to be shown on TV. Pictures can be calculated up to a cinema resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels.

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