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October 26, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

GiSTEQ has unveiled the PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900, a miniature device you can use to geotag your pictures. Unlike the - bigger and slower - original PhototTrackr, the new Mini DPL900 is fully compatible with the Mac and offers raw image support too. With a size comparable to that of a USB pen drive, the PhotoTrackr Mini is less intimidating than its predecessor, and is also cheaper at $69.

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GiSTEQ Press Release

PhotoTrackr Mini Brings Huge Improvements Over the Original

Using the latest of technologies, and a lower price, this gadget is a must-have.

Brea, California, (October 22, 2009) – When the PhotoTrackr was released in 2007, photographers and tourists were ecstatic to be able to have a way to geotag their photos using GPS technology, and while it was a great device, the PhotoTrackr Mini is even better.

Listening to the fans of the PhotoTrackr, GiSTEQ has created the PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900 to be smaller and faster than the original. The unit is still all about geotagging pictures, so that you can preserve your travel experience by sharing photos online with others on Flickr or Picasa, and have a detailed account of any trip you have made, but it features a number of new improvements.

One of the most sought-after improvements was for the new PhotoTrackr Mini to be more compatible with Mac software and RAW photos support on Mac, and thanks to newer software, it is. It is also much faster than the original, thanks to new technology and the ability to acquire the signal faster from satellites.

“We wanted people who love the PhotoTrackr to love the PhotoTrackr Mini even more, and for it to appeal to people who had yet to try out this unique and fun technology,” said Eric Liu, president of GiSTEQ corporation.

The PhotoTrackr Mini is much smaller and lighter than the original, and is designed to be less intimidating, with a thumb-drive appearance.

Another additional option for the PhotoTrackr Mini is the SportTracks. This is an application that can be purchased which works with the PhotoTrackr Mini in order to allow sport enthusiasts to track their exercise progress. With this program, fitness fans can track their progress walking, running, or bicycling using GPS logs.

While the sales for the PhotoTrackr were high, the company expects the sales for the new PhotoTrackr Mini to be even better, as it has an MSRP of only $69.

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