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The Linux version of Pixeluvo, a new professional-grade imaging suite developed by Andy Gill, is now available to purchase. Using a full range of colour transform filters, Pixeluvo allows users to transform the entire look of an image. Curves and levels adjustmentss offer users complete control while colour temperature, shadows, midtones and highlights can easily be adjusted to create the perfect balance. “With Pixeluvo there is absolutely no reason why part-time photographers should have to feel at a disadvantage to their full-time counterparts,” Andy says. “The software offers all the advanced features and functions of Photoshop, yet without the complex interface and sky-high price tag.” To find out more about the benefits of the software and download a free trial, visit the website below.

Website: Pixeluvo

Press Release

Pixeluvo Image Editing Software is Perfect for Linux Users

Advocates for free and open source software can now enjoy a powerful and affordable photo editing experience thanks to an innovative new Linux compatible suite called Pixeluvo. Designed to seamlessly complement Linux operating systems, the software is a must have tool for any photography enthusiast wanting to create professional standard images without having to make the switch from Linux OS.

Former Sony games developer Andy Gill is the brains behind the business, driven by a desire to create a Linux friendly photo editing suite that didn’t come with an exorbitant price tag. For Linux users, Pixeluvo represents a new era of photo editing technology.

“Linux makes a great desktop OS, but the lack of professional-grade applications for image editing is a reason many users keep Windows around too. Switching betweens OSes is a pain, which is why I made sure Pixeluvo worked seamlessly on Linux from the start. Everything looks and feels exactly the same on Linux, with all the same tools and features.” says Gill. 

While Linux may not lead the way in global OS preferences, it does boast a considerable market share. Net Applications revealed that the free, open source software is currently used by 1.5% of desktop users. Unlike other popular image manipulation suites which either offer Linux users a subpar experience, or no compatibility at all, Pixeluvo has been precision engineered to complement the open source OS. Now, Linux users can enjoy a full set of photo editing tools and functions that offer all the complexity and depth of their big name competitors.

A full high precision raw image processing pipeline allows users to import raw files from all camera manufacturers. The platform offers precise control over exposure, colour, and tone values, as well as allows for the addition of adjustment layers and masks. All RAW files are placed in their own layer type which ensures all settings remain fully editable. Other standout features include a complex colour correction suite, pre-set brush tools, layer and mask modes and a complete range of filters and effects.

To kick-start the Pixeluvo experience Linux users are invited to take part in the software’s free tutorial sessions available on the website. An Introduction to Layers and Masks, Working with Portraits and Introduction to Pixeluvo are all designed to help Linux users make the absolute most out of the software.

Pixeluvo currently offers two download options for Linux users. Depending on distribution, users can download the deb files version for Ubuntu and derivatives or the rpm files version for Fedora/Suse and derivatives.

To find out more about Pixeluvo and how it’s set to be a software staple for photographers using Linux OS, go to: http://www.pixeluvo.com/


Developed by former Sony games programmer Andy Gill, Pixeluvo is a new generation of photo editing software designed for Windows and Linux users. The interface is simple and easy to use, accompanied by an affordable price tag. This makes it a great Photoshop alternative for amateur photographers, and anyone with an interest in enhancing the aesthetics of personal albums. The latest version of Pixeluvo is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux.

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