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Charles Waugh, inventor of the SlingShot camera phone mount, has launched another Kickstarter campaign to launch his latest product, the PocketShot folding universal smartphone mount. The PocketShot has a cradle that holds the phone and a handle that provides advanced capabilities. Sporting a ¼-20 threaded insert in its base, the Cradle will mount onto any tripod, monopod, suction cup etc. Moreover, it also has pop-out legs that transform it into an instant table-top tripod. Interested readers are encouraged to visit the product's Kickstarter page.

Press Release

PocketShot: Fit Any Smartphone Into a Handheld Tripod Mount

PocketShot handle lets you shoot one-handed, turns into a table-top tripod, and just plain looks cute

January 21st, 2014. Portland, Oregon - Taking a perfect shot on your smartphone can be challenging if you are trying to keep a firm grip while holding the phone with two hands. Charles Waugh came up with a solution when he invented the SlingShot, a smartphone mount that improved the video quality and which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012. Charles has gone back to Kickstarter http://kck.st/1jqcGca to launch the next generation tripod mount. PocketShot is a folding universal smartphone mount that provides amazing flexibility and portability for any smartphone.

Key Features

Two-Part Quick-Use Design: The PocketShot has a Cradle that holds the phone and a Handle that provides advanced capabilities. Together, the PocketShot’s durable Cradle and Handle provide an extremely affordable solution for shooting video and taking still photography with any smartphone and case. Apart, the Cradle and Handle are easy to stow in a pocket.

Easy to Store: It folds up to stow easily in a pocket, yet effortlessly goes together instantly to hold any smartphone when shooting or viewing videos.

Universal: The PocketShot Cradle will hold any phone in any case - even the Samsung Galaxy Note in a fully protective case. Sporting a ¼-20 threaded insert in its base, the Cradle will mount onto any tripod, monopod, suction cup, etc., to provide a solid base for any phone when shooting videos or doing still photography.

One Hand for Shooting and Wider Stance for Better Stability: The PocketShot Handle not only allows the user to hold the phone one-handed for shooting videos, it also has pop-out legs that create an instant table-top tripod for YouTube, Skype, FaceTime or Netflix.
Ball Mount for Adjustable-Angle Shots: The top of the handle has a ball-mount with a standard 1/4-20 screw thread on which to mount the Cradle and adjust for the perfect shot or for viewing at just the right angle.

Magic Lead-In Pin: The Lead-in Pin on the Handle’s ball-mount threads automatically aligns everything when attaching the Cradle, making it super quick to use. And, the pin keeps the Cradle from falling off unexpectedly when it’s unscrewed.

“We've already launched the SlingShot… on Kickstarter in 2012, and through that process, we took some lumps, got some bruises, and learned a lot!”

      WOXOM successfully launched the SlingShot on Kickstarter in 2012 and it is currently available through many online channels. The PocketShot launch runs for 40 days and ends on February 19th, 2014. Backers can get one PocketShot (Cradle and Handle) for $28 ($35 MSRP) exclusively on Kickstarter.

About Charles Waugh

Charles is one of those true Renaissance Men. He's done fine woodworking in Aspen, Colorado. He's been a design engineer at Triad Speakers (designing the product, the processes, the machinery, and the plant itself). He's currently a fine art portrait artist in Portland, Oregon (www.charleswaugh.com). He designed and launched the SlingShot by WOXOM right here on Kickstarter in 2012. He designed and launched the SimplePen here on Kickstarter. He does Spencerian penmanship. And, he also ran the Finex Cast Iron Skillet project here on Kickstarter, making the video, all the stills, writing much of the copy, and generally waving his hands in the air at random.

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