PocketWizard Plus IV Now Available in UK

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The PocketWizard Plus IV Autosensing Transceiver from LPA Design is now available to purchase in the United Kingdom. The new model includes all the features of the Plus III and adds key new functionality. When used as a transmitter, its top shoe provides on-camera TTL compatibility with most Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus cameras and flashes. When used as a receiver, the top shoe pairs with virtually any speedlight for easy mounting and manual power adjustment of a remote flash. The new Plus IV is available for £150.

Press Release

Introducing the Plus IV Auto­sensing Transceiver from PocketWizard
You now have the best of both worlds in one easy­to­use, reliable wireless trigger.
The Plus IV Auto­Sensing Transceiver allows photographers the benefit of on­camera TTL flash combined with remote manual flash. When used as a transmitter, the top shoe provides on­camera TTL compatibility with most Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus cameras and flashes. When used as a receiver, the top shoe pairs with virtually any speedlight for easy mounting and manual power adjustment of a remote flash. Built on the reliability and simplicity of the PocketWizard PLUS legacy line of products and loaded with numerous features and functionality, the Plus IV Transceiver is the “go to” radio when a fast set­up is required.   
The Plus IV features 32 channels (16 Standard plus 16 Quad­Zone Triggering channels) allowing you to activate or deactivate your remote flashes or camera wirelessly in 4 separately controllable zones (A, B, C or D). Whether you shoot portraits, weddings or sports, having the ability to combine on­camera TTL flash with remote manual flash provides you with a huge competitive edge. 
Super Easy Set­Up​
Easily slide a remote speedlight flash into the top shoe of the Plus IV and you are good to go. No sync cord required.  

On Camera TTL Flash / Remote Manual Flash On­camera TTL compatibility with most Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus cameras and flashes. Remote flashes will not do TTL, manual only. 

Simple User LCD Interface​  All channels, zones and modes can be easily engaged via a keypad on the front of the Plus IV located just above the viewfinder of your camera. 

Quad­Zone Triggering​
Activate or deactivate up to four zones of remote flashes or cameras. 
Features & Functions 
On­Camera TTL Flash / Remote Manual Flash The Plus IV features a top shoe providing TTL compatibility with most Canon, Nikon and Panasonic cameras and flashes as well as some Fuji and Olympus equipment. This allows photographers the versatility to shoot with an on­camera flash in TTL mode while triggering their remotes in manual mode. Easily slide a speed­light into the top shoe of your receiving radio and you are ready to start triggering your remote flash in minutes. A perfect setup for wedding photographers.   
32 Channels  ​
With 32 channels (16 standard plus 16 Quad­Zone Triggering channels), the PocketWizard Plus IV Transceiver enables you to trigger individual or groups of lights simultaneously or individually. This is critical for working in crowded venues or with multiple lighting set­ups. 
Quad­Zone Triggering  ​
Selective Quad­Zone Triggering keeps you shooting photos, not running back and forth to your lighting or cameras. Without leaving the camera position, you can wirelessly activate or deactivate your remote flashes or cameras in 4 separately controllable zones: A, B, C, or D. This is ideal when using multiple lighting setups or turning remote cameras or flashes on and of as needed.  
Auto­Sensing Transceiver  ​
With our patented Auto­Sensing Transceiver technology, the Plus IV Transceiver is one smart radio. When set to TxRx, it will instantly and intelligently switch between transmitter and receiver modes as needed for greater flexibility on the job. The Plus IV may be set to transmit (Tx) or receive (Rx) independently if needed. 
Two­Stage Remote Camera Triggering  ​
The Plus IV Transceiver is the perfect solution for remote 
camera triggering. The unique two­stage TEST button on the Plus IV works just like the shutter release button on your camera. Press it halfway and your remote camera wakes up to meter and focus. Press TEST all the way to take your photo. When released, your remote camera will return to sleep mode normally; a real battery saver.  
Auto­Relay Mode  ​
Our Auto­Sensing Transceiver technology lets you trigger a remote camera in sync with remote flashes using only 3 PocketWizard radios: the one in your hands, a Plus IV cabled to your remote camera, and the one connected to your remote flash set to one channel higher. 
Long Range Capability ​
Range is comparable to other PocketWizard radios. Shooting environments are seldom ideal, so the Plus IV incorporates two range extending modes for the challenges of the real world. Use Long Range Mode (LR) to nearly double the effective triggering distance in almost any environment.  
Repeater Mode (RP)  ​
In very challenging environments or extremely long working ranges, place a Plus IV in Repeater Mode (RP) between your transmitter and receiver to repeat the signal and complete the connection. These modes take a little extra time to do their jobs, so maximum X­sync may be reduced when firing remote flashes in LR or RP modes.   
Improved High Speed Receiver  ​
Normally, the Plus IV is capable of triggering lights or cameras at a sustained rate of up to 12 frames per second (FPS), with a standard for PocketWizard radios. Set the Plus IV to High Speed Receive Mode (HSR) and trigger at rates up to 14.5 FPS, beyond the capability of most of today’s cameras. This mode can also help high FPS triggering compatibility for any flash TTL operation reduces the fastest FPS a system can use. 
External Power and Firmware Upgradeable  ​
The Plus IV is normally powered by two AA (IEC:LR6) 
batteries. For long term remote placement, use an AC adapter, like the PW­AC­USB Adapter, that plugs into the standard Mini­B USB port of the Plus IV. The USB port also enables future upgrades of the Plus IV operating system. 
PocketWizard Compatible ​
 The Plus IV is compatible with all Standard channel or simple triggering 
PocketWizard radios of the same frequency* including PocketWizard­enabled photo gear from Profoto, Dynalite, Norman, Photogenic and Sekonic light meters. The PocketWizard wireless system allows for total flexibility with whatever lights or cameras you may be working with. (*FCC and CE PocketWizard radios work on different frequencies) 
Simple User Interface  ​
The Plus IV has an intuitive user interface where all channels, zones and modes can be easily engaged via a soft­touch keypad, and displayed on an easy­to­read backlit 2.5cm (1”) LCD display. When you’re working in dark environments, simple press any other key then TEST to illuminate the LCD.

Optional Accessories 
Isolation bar, trigger buttons, camera motor drive cables, PC cables and  adapters, flash sync 
cables and protective cases 

Note: Information subject to change. Visit PocketWizard.com for the most up to date product information. 
SRP: £150

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