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The PowerEye Payload is a high-end 4K professional camera system with a mount that can carry up to 2 kg of payload. Attachments include a normal camera, a thermo-camera for night vision, and a gimbal or ‘hook’ to mount and carry up to 2kgs, with remote release.

PowerVision Technology Group Press Release

PowerVision Launches PowerEye Payload Drone

Professional cinematography drone, now with extra payload

  • Adds carrying capabilities to creative options, including Dual View for simultaneous video streams and thermal imaging
  • Open SDK to create customized applications

Helsinki, Finland –  November 8, 2017 – PowerVision Technology Group (www.powervision.me) a specialist innovator in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), robotics and big data technologies, has extended PowerEye, its professional cinematography drone range. The open-source designed drone now combines its standard high-end 4K camera with a mount that can carry up to 2 kg of payload: the PowerEye Payload.

Directly responding to customer requests, PowerEye Payload is a high end professional camera system mounted on a robust, flexible flight platform (drone). Where PowerEye set a new standard for video quality and control, special effects and professional cinematography capabilities, the PowerEye Payload delivers additional flexibility. Attachments include a normal camera, a thermo-camera for night vision, and a gimbal or ‘hook’ to mount and carry up to 2kgs, with remote release.

While all allow the drone to support more tasks whilst still maintaining high cost efficiency, flight stability remains uncompromised by weights of up to 2kg of mounted item.  The one-click release button enables precisely located targets to land and release the load.

“PowerEye already takes professional focus, special effects, and control to the next level. It surpasses what the eye can see to capture something magical.” said Wally Zheng, CEO of PowerVision Technology Group. “The PowerEye Payload opens the drone up to a whole new range of uses.”


PowerEye Payload adds to the existing two PowerEye models, the core PowerEye Professional, equipped with a high-performance 4K UHD camera, and a state-of-the-art thermal/natural light switchable camera.  HD video can be transmitted up to 5km.

All three PowerEye versions incorporate Dual Viewing technology, allowing user{s} to see video simultaneously from a First-Person View (FPV) and a Subject Matter View (SMV).  The cinematographer can see ahead of the PowerEye while  in flight through a dedicated FPV camera housed in the nose of the aircraft, whilst a separate gimbal-mounted camera can be simultaneously directed towards action elsewhere (on the ground or elsewhere the sky.)

Users can connect a variety of lenses based on personal preferences (based on Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system compatibility).


PowerEye Payload incorporates a detachable mount, which seamlessly integrates with the drone. It has performed well when tested with items including flashlights, megaphones, mobile phones, food and water, emergency kits, even lightweight life-saving ropes and buoys. A range of applications such as search and rescue or remote security management and control become feasible, whilst maintaining both stability and camera functions.

Take-off, Flight and Landing Made Easy

The PowerEye Payload offers 12.5 minutes Maximum Flight Time when fully loaded at 2kg, 16.5 minutes at 1kg (based on a height of 5 metres. Its ultra-endurance flight time is 29.5 minutes.) Its control system, developed by PowerVision, ensures flight stability.

PowerEye drones achieve longer flight times by using a dual battery compartment offering users 18000 mAh. The need to bring the drone down to insert new batteries is far less than standard drones, vital for ‘once in a lifetime’ photos or videos such as wildlife or events.

The drones boast an array of integrated sensors to detect flight path obstacles and sound a remote alert within 10 meters (PowerVision Object Detection Technology)

The need for dangerous hand-held take-offs and catch-landings, common with 2-point and/or T-bar designed drones, has been eliminated thanks to a stable 4-Point landing/lift-off design.

Recommended Retail Pricing & Availability

PowerEye Digital Camera Drone Package EU (includes gimbal/camera) Retail Price incl. VAT: €3 499,00

PowerEye Aircraft body only EU Retail Price incl. VAT: €2 299,00 (£1 999,00)

PowerEye Universal Payload accessory retail price incl. VAT: €399,00 (£349.99)

Available for two-week delivery.

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