Red Bull Illume Winners Exhibition

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The winners of the Red Bull Illume 2010 Image Quest were unveiled at a stunning exhibition in Dublin. We teamed up with Red Bull Reporter to send aspiring photo-journalist Mike Gamble over to capture the action and tell the story of the ceremony, which took place inside the historic grounds of Trinity College. Click through to read his report and see some of his photographs.

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Red Bull Illume 2010 - Report

The Red Bull Illume 2010 unveiling took place inside the historic grounds of Trinity College, situated in the heart of Dublin. The scene was set and couldn’t be anymore ideal for an event as prestigious as this.

50 of the most creative and imaginative photographers from around the globe were gathered amongst a 53-strong jury, compiled from the world’s most respected photography experts. The 53 judges had been given the near impossible task of selecting the ten category winners, one of which would take the title of ‘2010 Red Bull Illume Winner’.

Silence fell around the oak lined walls of Hogwarts dining hall. As the high ceilings were cast into darkness, rays of blue, red and yellow light began to illuminate the stage. Nothing need be spoken to catch the attention of everyone present, as excitement bounced between the walls it was only the nervous shuffling of the 50 pairs of shoes breaking the silence.

As Eileen Ryan, jury spokesperson for Illume 2010, said “Every single image on display tonight is a worthy winner and the photographers should all be very proud of what they have achieved”. This couldn’t be any truer. The world is about to witness the greatest display of action sports photography it has ever seen! Each submission traps the viewer and whilst transporting them to the far-away reaches of planet earth, allows them to understand what it takes to become a world class action sports photographer.

A roar of applause filled the room following the announcement of the category winners. With the chosen ten suitably stoked, it was announced that Chris Burkard (USA) was to take the coveted title of Illume Winner 2010, with his image of surfer Peter Mendia riding the waves in Buchupero, Chile.

As the presentation ended, crowds of people swarming around the grounds of Trinity College welcomed the photographers and awaited the first light-box to illuminate the square. A stream of torch flames began to snake their way around the glowing submissions as the dulcet tones of Irish music filled the air.

One onlooker stated, “It looks just like a painting” while running their fingers over one of the images. And they were right. This is the possibly the greatest display of Mother Nature’s art work as viewed through the eyes of the world’s greatest action and adventure photographers.

Text and photography by Mike Gamble

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