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July 14, 2014 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

Kenro has announced a range of accessories for the Reflecta Visilux Studio Lighting kits. The Visilux Studio Lighting Kit 180 and the Visilux Studio Lighting Kit 300 were launched earlier this year and now a range of additional accessories is available including an 84cm silver umbrella, a snoot, a white shoot-through umbrella, a barndoor set with coloured filters, a 50x70cm softbox, wireless flash triggers, spare modelling lamps and flash tubes and a padded carry bag. Prices start from £10.74 including VAT.

Kenro Press Release

Kenro announces Reflecta Visilux Studio Kit lighting accessories

Kenro, the UK and Ireland distributor of Reflecta, the respected German manufacturer of cutting-edge digitization products has announced a range of handy accessories for its Visilux Studio Lighting Kit 180 and 300 flash ranges.

The Visilux Studio Flash Kits were launched earlier this year and now a range of additional accessories is available including...

- Silver Umbrella (84cm)

- White translucent Umbrella (can be used to bounce light or shoot through)

- Wireless Flash Triggers (in mains or battery operated variants)

- Snoot light modifier

- Barndoor Set with coloured filters

- 30cm Beauty Dish with Honeycomb

- 50x70cm Softbox

- Padded System Carry Bag

- Spare modelling lamps and flash tubes for both kits

The Reflecta Visilux Studio Lighting Kit 180 features stepless light adjustment from full power down to 1/32 and is supplied with three 180WS heads and stands. The 300 Kit is more powerful and comes with two 300WS heads and stands. Both kits are supplied complete with a range of accessories.

Managing Director of Kenro, Paul Kench commented: "These great value studio flash kits should be a serious consideration for semi professional and enthusiast photographers and now that they have a good selection of accessories, it makes them even more versatile."

SRP of the 180 Kit is £477.60 incl VAT and the 300 Kit is £543 incl VAT. Accessories start from £10.74 incl VAT.

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