Reversed ND Grad Filters from 84.5mm

April 22, 2013 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

Slovakian company 84.5mm has announced a new series of reversed neutral density filters. These special ND grads have been designed specifically for shooting landscapes during the so-called golden hour, when the sun is very close to the horizon. The filters are darkest in the middle, getting gradually lighter toward the top - as opposed to a standard graduated neutral density filter, which has its darkest part at the top. Available in two densities, medium and strong, these reverse ND grads come in two sizes: 84x100mm and 84x150mm. The standard price is €36.50 but the first 50 customers who purchase a reverse ND grad from 84.5mm's e-shop are entitled to a €4 discount.

Website: 84.5mm e-Shop

84.5mm Press Release

84.5mm presents new series of REVERSED neutral density filters

Company 84.5mm presents new series of photographic filters of type REVERSED Neutral Density aimed mainly for outdoor photography during sunsets/sunrises/golden hour.

Landscape / Outdoor photography is usually performed during so called golden hour in time when sun is one hour before sunset or one hour after sunrise. During this time nature is offering nicest colors, best light (light angle, color temperature of light) and tents of various tones of the sky. At the same time, however, sun is very often very close to the horizon –usage of classic graduated ND filters (where graduation goes from darkest (upper part of filter) to the lightest graduation (lower part of filter) is inappropriate.

For shooting during so-called „golden hour“ seems to be most ideal type of filter called REVERSED ND on which graduation goes in different (reversed) direction – from darkest part in the middle of filter (part where usually sun is on the photography) to the lighter in the upper part of filter. This will allow you to maximally reduce intensity of sun during sunrise/sunset on the photography, while keep rest of the sky ideally exposed. Result is picture with ideal exposure also in direct backlight when sun is in front of you, photography with big dynamic range and massive structure of the sky.

Filters of Reversed ND type are available in two densities: Medium ND and Strong ND in two sizes Classic line (84x100mm) and Professional line (84x150mm)

Reversed NDs are made from high quality optical material CR-39 (U.S.A. patented) by difficult hand made technology, tested both visually and using modern measuring devices.

Standard price of Reversed ND filter is 36.90 Eur including VAT, first 50 customers which buy RND filter from e-shop will get special introductory discount, RND filter only for 32.90 Eur / pcs (offer is available for all countries except countries where 84.5mm has developed dealer network)

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