Rob Galbraith Analyses Canon EOS-1D Mark III Auto-Focus

December 11, 2007 | Mark Goldstein | Digital SLR Cameras | Comment |

Canon EOS-1D Mark IIIRob Galbraith has published an in-depth analysis of the auto-focus problems that have affected the Canon EOS-1D Mark III DSLR camera since it was first launched.

“At long last, our analysis of Canon’s sub-mirror fix and firmware v1.1.3 for the EOS-1D Mark III is live. Does the hardware change and new firmware solve the camera’s AI Servo autofocus problems? Does the EOS-1D Mark III now match or exceed the bright light autofocus performance of its predecessor, the EOS-1D Mark II N? Here, in 8500 words and over 650 full-resolution photos, is our answer”

Website: Rob Galbraith - Analysing the EOS-1D Mark III sub-mirror fix and firmware v1.1.3

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