Rolleiflex Instant Kamera

April 27, 2018 | Mark Goldstein | Film | Comment |

The Rolleiflex Instant Kamera is a twin lens camera that uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film. Just launched on Kickstarter, the Rolleiflex Instant Kamera features a wide range of apertures from f/5.6 to f/22, accurate focusing from 48 cm to infinity with cinematic viewfinder and a built-in electric flash with automatic light emission control. The Rolleiflex Instant Kamera will ship in October 2018.

Twin Lens Design: Reinhold Heidecke was inspired to make the Rollei TLRs while photographing soldiers in the German trenches in 1916 – the twin lens design provided a periscope approach to focusing and taking photos which radically reduced the risk of the photographer being hit by sniper fire.   

Aperture Control: Enjoy shallow depth of field with f/5.6. This allows you to get the most out of the instant film format and really help your subjects stand out.

Viewfinder Design: A Fresnel anti-glare coated viewfinder that is operated at waist-level allows you the perfect set up for street photography while on the move: shoot photos any time just by looking down.

3-element Aspheric Lens: Takes sharp images bursting with detail, and has a focal length of 61mm.

Magnifier: As with traditional Rolleiflex cameras, our new instant TLR camera includes a magnifier so you can take a closer look.

Accurate Focusing: Adjust the focus manually so you can eliminate excess noise and hone in on what matters most.

Ambient Light Meter: Don’t worry about having to figure out the exposure, simply check the green/orange light to know if the exposure is correct. Then just point and shoot!

Multiple Exposure Mode: Create beautifully layered images by exposing a frame as many times as you like.

Long Exposure Mode: Keeps your shutter open with B mode so that you can unleash your creativity in light paintings or anything you could imagine.

Fulfilling the needs for the modern-day users

Portable: 30% slimmer than traditional twin lens cameras with simplified knobs and buttons.

Built-In Flash & Flash Off Mode: Lets you decide just how much light you want to shine on your shenanigans.   

Exposure Compensation: Lighten or darken your frame with EV+/- so that you can have total control of your photos.    

Weight: 525 grams

Instant Films: Uses Fujifilm Instax Mini - the most common instant film and widely available!


Aperture: f/5.6, f/8, f/16, f/22, Bokeh 

Lens: Aspherical lens with 3 elements, f=61mm 

Focal Range: 48cm ~ infinity 

Shutter Speed: 1/500 - 1 second (Mode A) | max. 10 seconds (Mode B = slow shutter) 

Viewfinder: Twin lens reflex viewfinder with an eyepiece magnifier to lift up  

Exposure Control: EV+/-1 

Flash: Integrated, electronic flash with automatic light emission control  

Power Supply: 3AA Batteries (1.5V) 

Film: Instant film magazine 54 x 86 mm (w x h) 

Dimensions: 141 x 102 x 80mm 

Weight: 525g 

Box set includes: Rolleiflex™ Instant Kamera, user manual, warranty guide, and 3 AA batteries

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