Saturday Shout: Are Wi-Fi Cameras Sheer Genius or White Elephants?

December 3, 2005 | Mark Goldstein | Saturday Shout | Comment |

Saturday ShoutThis week’s Saturday Shout considers the recent addition of Wi-Fi technology to digital cameras. Would you buy a 4 megapixel camera for £400? Probably not. Would you buy a 4 megapixel camera with WiFi capability for £400? Hmmmm. That’s exactly what Kodak are selling in the form of the new (and much-delayed) EasyShare One digital camera. The EasyShare One does have some other impressive features, including a 3 inch touch-screen LCD, but Kodak are mainly promoting the Wi-Fi aspect to help justify the high price. Nikon and more recently Canon have also launched Wi-Fi cameras, so it seems to be something of a growing trend. But is it a feature that consumers really want, or merely a marketing tool to help differentiate a camera in what is an incredibly crowded market-place?

So what do you think? Is Wi-Fi in a camera just a gimmick, or a must-have feature? Have you bought one, and how often do you use the Wi-Fi? Will Wi-Fi become the defacto standard for transferring files from cameras to computers? Shout out now…