Save Over £130 on ​Datacolor Spyder Products

November 8, 2017 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories | Comment |

You can now save over £130 on Datacolor Spyder products until December 22nd 2017. 

Datacolor Press Release

Save over £130 this winter with Datacolor

Zurich, Switzerland, November 8, 2017 – Datacolor®, a global leader in colour management solutions, has announced its current winter sales. Until December 22nd, customers can save over £130 on Spyder products through qualified retail stores as well as Datacolor’s online shop.

Datacolor’s savings this winter:

Spyder5PRO + FREE SpyderCUBE – for accurate RAW conversion on a calibrated display  Standard price: £197*

Promotional price: £157 incl. VAT Spyder5ELITE + FREE SpyderCHECKR24 – for accurate camera calibration on a calibrated display

Standard price: £270  

Promotional price: £228 incl. VAT SpyderCHECKR – Datacolor’s premium calibration chart with replaceable colour cards, FadeCHECKR and tripod mount

Standard price: £122

Promotional price: £87 incl. VAT

Spyder5CAPTURE PRO – the ultimate bundle for photographers that provides all the essentials needed to manage colour from capture to editing in a photographic workflow; camera calibration, colour balance control and monitor calibration – this bundle, presented in a solid aluminium case, offers it all.

Standard price: £343

Promotional price: £263 incl. VAT

Spyder5STUDIO – a comprehensive toolkit for fine art printers, offering SpyderCUBE as the smartest grey card on the market, display calibration and printer profiling in a solid aluminium case.  Standard price: £396

Promotional price: £262 incl. VAT 

These promotional prices are valid until December 22, 2017 and can be obtained at a qualified reseller or in Datacolor’s online shop.

Find out more information here.

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