Scoopt invites the Flickr community to "snap, tag, sell"

December 9, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Websites | Comment |

ScooptScoopt Press Release

Scoopt (, the leading citizen journalism picture agency, seeks to release the untapped value of pictures on Flickr ( Scoopt is inviting Flickr members to tag their images with keyword ‘scoopt’. This enables Scoopt to push tagged images to buyers in direct response to demand. Scoopt will also encourage buyers to use Flickr as a commercial image resource.

Says Scoopt founder Kyle MacRae: “There are some fantastic photographs on Flickr that you just don’t find anywhere else. Some of this content is valuable to creative and media markets but there’s no easy way to connect Flick members to buyers. Flickr members are not allowed to advertise their content commercially, and it’s not easy for buyers to contact them through Flickr to broker one-off transactions. With this unofficial initiative, we are trying to address both problems. Flickr members can tag their images with keyword ‘scoopt’ to indicate that they content is available for sale; and buyers can search for tagged images and broker sales directly and immediately through Scoopt. We will also actively push tagged images to buyers in response to media requests.” 

Sales revenue is split 50/50% between Scoopt and the photographer. The photographer always keeps full copyright.

Free Scoopt membership is required. Scoopt recommends that Flickr members also use a Creative Commons license to protect their content.
Full details on the Scoopt website at

About Scoopt
Founded in July 2005, Scoopt is the world’s first commercial citizen journalism agency, created to license amateur content to mainstream media and emerging markets. Scoopt has made high-value sales all over the world and represents nearly 12,000 members.