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Seim Effects “EXposed” is a new film about seeing and photographing light. Created by award-winning photographer Gavin Seim, the goal of EXposed is to teach photographers how to not only photograph light, but how to truly see it through 4 hours of educational materials about using light contained in 14 organized chapters. EXposed is available for download now for $89.

Seim Effects Press Release

Seim Effects Announces the Release of “EXposed”

New download /DVD workshop takes photographers on a cinematic journey across America and passionately teaches how to see and photograph light like never before

Soap Lake, WA (August 14, 2012) - Seim Effects Photo Tools announces today the release of the new workshop by award-winning photographer Gavin Seim - EXposed, a film about seeing and photographing light. This workshop was produced over several months while Gavin traveled thousands of miles across America. EXposed documents experiences and techniques inspired by the masters of photography and refined for the digital age.

The goal of EXposed is to teach photographers how to not only photograph light, but how to truly see it. EXposed is an informative entertaining 4-hour journey following Gavin as he travels around the United States of America with a Camper and a passion for light, hunting perfection and showcasing the importance of understanding the quality, range and tones of light and its impact on our photography. Gavin has compiled 15 years of study into what has become a simple and breathtaking study of light.

Weddings, Portraits, Landscape, Digital, Film. It doesn’t matter. EXposed is not a workshop about the latest fads or gadgets. It’s a workshop about light. Because that’s what really counts. EXposed is a cinematic journey that will teach photographers how to make better exposures. A completely unique workshop about exposure, light, the power of the Zone System, dynamic range and perfect tone control.

“My heart went into creating this workshop and I can’t express how proud I am of the outcome. With all the discussions in photography today, it’s surprising how little we talk about the art and science of exposure and proper tone control,” said Gavin Seim, photographer and owner of Seim Effects. “Making great photographs involves more than just clicking, buying new software, or pushing buttons. It’s something that goes deeper and mastering it requires practice and understanding of light and tone in subtle ways.”

Through 4 hours of educational materials about using light contained in 14 organized chapters that photographers can view and review at their own pace, EXposed teaches:

• Core concepts to understanding exposure • Using the Zone System • Visualizing: Really seeing light • Dynamic Range and what it means for every image • Long Exposure and the secrets to hidden beauty • Finishing images, Burning, Dodging • Metering and tone placement • Seeing and directing light • Ratios and lighting tools

EXposed is available now. And until August 31, 2012 the instant HD digital download price is just $89 (a $10 discount) and the DVD plus instant digital download price is just $99 (a $20 discount). For more information and the trailer please visit: .

About Seim Effects Photo Tools
Gavin Seim, owner of Seim Effects Photo Tools, is an internationally recognized photographer, renowned for his experience with creative workflow, the digital darkroom and time tested techniques. He has a passion for creating easy-to-use software tools and educating photographers of all skill levels to be more efficient, creative and profitable.

Gavin Seim’s software presets for Lightroom include the new Silver Shadows 2, Power Workflow 3, and Color Fantasies. His Photoshop tools include Hollywood Effects 2, Creative Essentials, and Naked Elements. Also available is LightFlow, a powerful Aperture Presets collection.

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