Sekonic Digital Master L-758 Light Meter

September 7, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories | Comment |

Sekonic Digital Master L-758 Light MeterJP Distribution Press Release

JP Distribution is pleased to announce the new Digital Master L-758 Light Meter from Sekonic. The Digital Master L-758 is the world’s first multi-functional light meter that can be calibrated to match the sensitivity of a digital cameras sensor at all ISO settings, flash/ambient or file format characteristics. Sekonic have ensured that the L-758 offers photographers the greatest digital exposure control, accuracy and repeatability. Available in October, price to be confirmed.

Main Features:

• Three different camera exposure profiles that can be stored and quickly recalled when switched from one camera to another
• USB cable allows all camera exposure profile data to be uploaded from a PC or MAC computer to the L-758
• Exposure Latitude Warning – this will flash on the analogue scale if a measured highlight or shadow has exceeded the dynamic range or clipping point of your camera
• Memory mode which can store up to nine readings in both Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes.
• One-degree Spot with Digital Display
• Preset filter compensation values.

For any additional information on Sekonic, please contact JP Distribution:

Telephone:      01782 753304
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Sekonic Digital Master L-758 Light Meter