ShiftCam ProLens Smartphone Lenses for iPhone 11

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ShiftCam is launching its ProLens range of professional smartphone lenses in the UK. With six different lenses available, it’s never been easier to bring the quality of a DSLR camera to a smartphone - simply slide the appropriate lens onto a ShiftCam compatible case to take professional-grade, high quality photos. The range includes telephoto, macro, wide angle and fisheye lenses, plus a deluxe kit that includes five lenses and a premium carry bag.

ShiftCam Press Release

ShiftCam launches its ProLens range of professional smartphone lenses in the UK

The new ProLens range of professional lenses deliver a DSLR camera results on a smartphone

LONDON 11th June, 2020: ShiftCam, a global mobile photography gear company designed by photographers, for photographers, has announced that its ProLens range of professional smartphone lenses for the iPhone 11 series is available now.

For both professional and savvy enthusiasts, photographers today are increasingly switching between their trusty DSLR cameras and mobile photography. With ever-improving technology, the quality of mobile photography is catching up - but, whether using a digital camera or a mobile device, the resulting photographs are only as good as the lens used.

By developing professional grade detachable lenses for use with a mobile phone, ShiftCam is blurring the lines between DSLR and phone camera performance. Made from premium DSLR grade glass, ShiftCam has merged precision optics engineering and design to create something truly unique, bringing DSLR quality optics to mobile photography.

Combining the pocket-sized portability of a mobile phone and the high-quality of a DSLR camera, the ProLenses offer the ultimate in convenience and value, avoiding the need to carry a separate camera and all the extra gear whilst still producing high quality imagery professional photographers would expect.

The ProLens series uses the patented S-Mount system featured on ShiftCam cases to securely mount any ProLens with 100% accuracy and zero effort. Users can switch between different lenses in a split second to capture any moment with the perfect lens. ShiftCam offers a set of six interchangeable ProLenses allowing the creation of professional quality and unique shots, plus the generation of eye-catching content to share on Instagram and across other social media platforms.

60mm Telephoto Lens, £84.99

Bring the world closer with this amazing 60mm Telephoto Lens. Using robust construction and high-quality optics that maintain sharpness even in the corners, it delivers the superb, distortion-free image quality expected in a practical, easy to use form.

18mm Wide Angle Lens, £84.99

Using 5 pro-level elements to deliver a constantly sharp, 110 degree viewing angle, this second- generation wide-angle lens delivers quality images every time. Distortion levels are below 1%, ensuring this lens delivers images of exceptional quality every time.

10x 25mm Traditional Macro Lens, £84.99

Grab incredibly detailed images with this high-quality, professional level macro lens. Featuring an amazing 10X magnification, this lens captures everything. With close-to-zero distortion and exceptional corner sharpness, this stunning lens delivers exceptional image quality and superb performance in all conditions.

75mm Long Range Macro Advance Lens, £104.99

The Pro Macro Long Range Lens is capable of focusing on minute detail from an astounding 10cm distance. ShiftCam’s lens design specialists have developed a long distance macro capability, enabling users to benefit from added depth of view, allowing enough distance from the subject to create a more impressive overall composition.

Full Frame Fisheye Advance Lens, £104.99

With an incredible 230-degree angle, this ultra-wide-angle lens lets photographers capture the bigger picture. This fourth-generation lens features 6 elements in 5 groups, to deliver the outstanding quality the images deserve. Sharp from centre to corner and built to last, this quality lens delivers for all images.

12mm Ultra-Wide-Angle Aspherical Lens, £134.99

Indoor, outdoor, close-up or long shots – ShiftCam Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens capture impressive images in incredible detail with 122º angle of view, zero distortion and edge to edge clarity.

ProLens Deluxe Kit, £399.99

Everything you need to take stunning, professional quality photos on your iPhone, saving 30% against the cost of buying its components individually. This FIVE PROLENS SET includes Telephoto, Traditional Macro, Long Range Macro, Fisheye and Wide Angle ProLenses, plus ProLens cases for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, and a Premium Carry Bag.

ShiftCam ProLenses require a ShiftCam case or MultiLens case to mount them to your iPhone. These, and the full range of ProLenses are available from ShiftCam now.

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