Shortlist Revealed for Sony World Photography Awards 2015

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The shortlists for the Professional, Open and Youth competitions of the Sony World Photography Awards have been announced. Those in the awards’ 13 Professional categories will now compete for a $25,000 prize and the coveted L’Iris d’Or/ Photographer of the Year title. The recipient, along with the winners of the Professional categories, overall Youth and Student winners plus the Open Photographer of the Year, who receives a $5,000 prize, will all be announced at the Sony World Photography Awards Gala Ceremony on Thursday 23 April. The winning and shortlisted images will go on show at Somerset House, London from 24 April – 10 May and published in the 2015 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards book. Click through / scroll down for the shortlists.

WPO Press Release

Shortlist revealed for Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s biggest photography competition

Professional, Open and Youth competitions

London, 24 February: The 2015 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s biggest photography competition, today announces the shortlists for its Professional, Open and Youth categories.

Recognising and rewarding the world’s best contemporary photography from the last year, the 2015 competition received the highest number of entries in its eight year history – 173,444 images from 171 countries – and a 24% increase on 2014.

The judging, which is done anonymously by a panel of experts from the World Photographic Academy, has uncovered inspiring, arresting and thought-provoking work by a wide range of professional photographers and enthusiasts from around the world. See full list of judges and bios here.

Across the 13 Professional, 10 Open and 3 Youth categories the judges were refreshed by the bold approach of the shortlisted photographers to familiar topics and the ability of these photographers to surprise the judges with images and stories they have not previously seen.

Speaking about the shortlisted images, Astrid Merget Motsenigos, Creative Director of the World Photography Organisation and organiser of the awards said:

“The sole purpose of the Sony World Photography Awards is to celebrate and appreciate the talented artists working in the photographic industry. Once again, the shortlist demonstrates the vibrancy, diversity and skill of both today’s established photographers and, as importantly, the growing army of citizen photographers for whom the awards offer unpreceded exposure and opportunity.

“The record number of entries gave our expert panel of judges a monumental task but we are incredibly proud to present to you a shortlist which truly showcases some of the world’s best photography.”

The shortlisted photographers for all categories are listed below and names included are both new and familiar to the competition. Those recognised again by the awards include: Peter Franck (Germany); Donald Webber (Canada); Amit Madheshiya (India); Brent Stirton (South Africa); Simon Norfolk (UK), Fan Li (China) and Massimo Siragusa (Italy). New names include Julia Fullerton-Batten (UK) and Sebastian Gil Miranda (France).

Those in the awards’ Professional categories will now compete for a $25,000 prize and the coveted L’Iris d’Or/ Photographer of the Year title. The recipient, along with the winners of the Professional categories, overall Youth and Student winners plus the Open Photographer of the Year, who receives a $5,000 prize, will all be announced at the Sony World Photography Awards Gala Ceremony on Thursday 23 April. All winners will receive the latest digital imaging equipment from Sony.

The winning and shortlisted images will go on show at Somerset House, London from 24 April – 10 May and published in the 2015 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards book. The images will be printed by theprintspace, our Official Exhibition Printer. Tickets can be booked at The exhibition will also include an intimate display of still images, books and films by Elliott Erwitt, recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Photography award.


Shortlisted photographers


Photographers were invited to enter a series of between 3 and 10 images into any of the following 13 categories. Judges were asked to select up to 10 photographers for the shortlist. Photographers are listed alphabetically



Joanna Bałaś, Poland

Cosmin Bumbutz, Romania

Jonathan Carvajal, Colombia

Antonio La Grotta, Italy

Massimo Siragusa / Agenzia Fotogiornalistica Contrasto Galleria del Cembalo, Italy

Vadim Sivak, Ukraine


Arts & Culture

Alessandra Bello, Italy

Maurizio Beucci / Leica Camera Italia, Italy

Aristide Economopoulos, United States

Dennis Fung / DF Photowork, Hong Kong

Olaf Schuelke / Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo, Germany

Koh Soon, Malaysia

Brent Stirton, South Africa

Pierre André Transunto, Italy

Rich Wiles / Invision - Images, United Kingdom

Gili Yaari, Israel


Jonathan Banks, United Kingdom

Katamura Fumihito, Japan

Eduardo Leal / 4SEE Photographers, Portugal

Amit Madheshiya, India

Sebastian Gil Miranda, France

Fei Maohua, China

Jonathan Syer, United Kingdom


Alejandro Almaraz, Argentina

Kursad Bayhan / Zaman Newspaper, Turkey

Meike Fischer, Germany

Lisa Gimenez / KLÖN Gallery, Argentina

Daesung Lee, South Korean

Jordi Pizarro, Spain

Katia Platonova, Russia

Rahul Talukder, Bangladesh

Julie van der Vaart / 44 Gallery, Netherlands

Contemporary Issues

Corentin Fohlen, France

Shah Newaz Khan / Photobank Gallery, Bangladesh

Lisa Krant, United States

Annalisa Natali Murri, Italy

Brent Stirton, South Africa

Boguslawa Trela, Poland

Scott Typaldos / Prospekt, Switzerland

Current Affairs

Valery Melnikov / Rossia segodnya, Russia

John Moore / Getty Images, United States

Vladyslav Musiienko / UNIAN, Ukraine

Herman Verwey / Media24, South Africa


Peng-Chun Yen / NEPO Gallery, Taiwan

Laia Abril / Institute Artist, Spain

Armando Avallone, Italy

Simon Butterworth, United Kingdom

Simon Norfolk, United Kingdom

Rudi Sebastian, Germany

Eva Skalak, Czech Republic

Giulio di Sturco / Reportage by Getty, Italy

Danila Tkachenko, Russia


Dovile Dagiene, Lithuania

Julia Fullerton-Batten, United Kingdom

Ramil Gilvanov / Rimma Gilvanova, Russia

Alvaro Gomez Vidal, Spain

Chen Jian, China

Fan Li / Lon Gallery, China

Jiangsong Li / Reuters News Agency, China

JM Lopez / AFP, Spain

Yoko Naito, Japan

Mahadev Rojas Torres, Venezuela


Johan Bavman, Sweden

Carla Kogelman, Netherlands

Sabine Lewandowski, Germany

Tali Mayer & Janos Chiala, Italy

Cecila Meller, France

Jennifer Osborne / Upper Orange, Canada

Liza Van der Stock, Belgium

Giovanni Troilo / Institute Artist, Italy



Christian Berthelot, France

Rodrigo Illescas, Argentina

Jens Juul, Denmark

Tomasz Lazar, Poland

Kerry Mansfield, United States

Ruben Salgado Escudero, Spain

Dougie Wallace / Institute Artist, United Kingdom


Salil Bera / The Week, India

Riccardo Bononi / IRFOSS, Italy

Irina Dainakova / La Dolce Vita Magazine, Belarus

Sascha Fromm, Germany

Guorong Jia, China

Anthony Kham, Cambodia

Marcin Klocek /, Poland

Clas Kristensen, Norway

Ronaldo Land, Brazil

Jonathan Yeap Chin Tiong, Singapore

Still Life

Peter Franck / Schacher- Raum für Kunst, Germany

Kirill Golovchenko / Agentur Focus and Dymchuk Gallery, Ukraine

Kimmo Metsäranta, Finland

Vova Pomortzeff / Agentur Focus, Russia

Emanuele Satolli, Italy

Mong-Yong Sim / Mysim Design, Malaysia

Krishna Tummalapalli, India

Donald Weber / VII Photo Agency, Canada


Nazir Azhari Bin Mohd Anis, Malaysia

Nadia Maria Dias, India

Andrea de Franciscis, Italy

Peter Franck / Schacher- Raum für Kunst, Germany

Zbynek Hrbata, Czech Republic

Bernhard Lang, Germany

Yoko Naito, Japan

Vasilis Ntamplis / Eleftheria, Greece

Adhi Prayoga, Indonesia

Farid Sani, Iran


Presiding Chair: Sam Barzilay, Creative Director, United Photo Industries (US)

Judged on a single shot and open to photographers of all abilities, judges were asked to select up to 10 shortlisted images per category.



Gina Alderson-Hicks, Australia

Armin Appel, Germany (shortlisted for two images)

Marcus Bayer, Germany

Goran Erfani, Iran

Michiel Hageman, Netherlands

Cesar March, Spain

Andrea Rossato, Italy

Jürgen Schrepfer, Germany

Klaus Wäscher, Germany

Arts and Culture

Aprison Aprison, Indonesia

Muhammad Berkati, Indonesia

Kai Heimberg, Germany

David Martin Huamani Bedoya, Peru

Hector Muñoz Huerta, Mexico

Adrian Jaszczak, Poland

Partha Sen, India

Alessandro Spiga, Italy

Elangovan Subrmania, India

Marius Vieth, Germany


Lione Bakker, Netherlands

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius, Lithuania

Antony Crossfield, United Kingdom

Lisa Griffin, Ireland

Nenad Martic, Croatia

Daniel Necula, Romania

Manh Ngoc Nguyen, Germany

Milad Safabakhsh, Iran

Zoltan Toth, Hungary

Theo de Witte, Netherlands

Low Light

Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharjee, India

Katja Gragert, Germany

Rodrigo Jardon, Mexico

Tsang Kam Man, China

Alexander Kitsenko, Ukraine

Nick Ng Yeow Kee, Malaysia

Darren Nisbett, United Kingdom

Iskra Parvanova, Bulgaria

Zol Straub, Australia

Ian Thuillier, Ireland

Nature & Wildlife

Seyed Babak Musavi, Iran

Gal Gross, Israel

Harfian Herdi, Indonesia (shortlisted for two images)

Melissa Little, Australia

Peep Loorits, Estonia

Yasuyuki Oono, Japan

Yvonne Spane, Germany

Jassen Todorov, United States

Antoine Weis, Switzerland/ Luxemberg


Marcio Cabral, Brazil

Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji, Iran (shortlisted for two images)

Wojciech Kruczynski, Poland

Markus Kuhn, Germany

Mike MacKinven, New Zealand

Pierumberto Pampanin, Italy

Norman Quinn, United Kingdom


Saeed Barikani, Iran

Amitava Chandra, India

Sergio Diaz, Spain

Raquel Lopez-Chicheri, Spain

Simon Morris, United Kingdom

Agus Purnomo, Indonesia

Saleh Rozati, Iran

Peter Voss, Germany

Hui Hua Wang, Singapore


Tzu-Hsun Fang, Taiwan

Mohammad Amir Hamja, Bangladesh

Ümmü Kandilcioğlu, Turkey

Christine Kapuschinsky Johnson, Austria

Kiatthaworn Khorthawornwong, Thailand

Wilson Lee, Hong Kong

Joseph Makeni, Kenya

Steffen Rothammel, Germany

Peter Voss, Germany

Umair Wadood, Pakistan

Split Second

Ata Mohammad Adnan, Bangladesh

Panom Archarit, Thailand

Uwe Hennig, Germany

Small Monte Lee, China

Cesar March, Spain

Jaime Massieu, Spain

Eko Prihariyanto, Indonesia

Lessy Sebastian, Indonesia (shortlisted for two images)

Tarek Touma, Lebanon



Kumar Bishwajit, Bangladesh

Ioulia Chvetsova, France

Byron Dilkes, United Kingdom

Jorge Fernandez, Spain

Yasen Georgiev, Bulgaria

Kok Keong Na, Malaysia

Enrico Madini, Italy

Ismail Abdul Mutalib, Indonesia

Vladimir Proshin, Russia

Massimo Rumi, Italy



Open to photographers aged 19 and under, judged by the World Photography Organisation.



Mohammad Baggale Asghari Baghmishe, Iran

Gaurang Bhatt, India

Zhu Lin Ch'ng, Malaysia

Pnar Efe, Turkey

Reuben Foong, Singapore

David Pereira, Singapore

Beatriz Rocha, Portugal

Andres Felipe Caicedo Sierra, Colombia (shortlisted for two images)


Krishan Bansal, India

Alex Foden, United Kingdom

Fernando Henrique, Venezuela

Nihal Koppath, India

Daniel Malikyar, Afghanistan

Sepehr Razmju, Iran

Jacopo Sironi, Italy

Yong Lin Tan, Malaysia (shortlisted for two images)

Ivan Turukhano, Russia


Adi Dekel, Israel

Daniil Maksyukov, Russia

Marco Toc, Guatemala

Photo: Jürgen Schrepfer, Germany, Sony World Photography Awards 2015, Shortlisted in the Open Architecture category

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