Sigma Flash Bounce Reflector Announced

June 6, 2005 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories | Comment |

Sigma Flash Bounce ReflectorSigma UK Press Release

Flash Bounce Reflector for EF 500 series flashguns.

· Soft and natural lighting with a surface light source.
· A three dimensional effect is created, making this an ideal accessory for portrait photography.
· Easy to attach and detach with Velcro Tape.

The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the new Flash Bounce Reflector designed for use with the EF 500 series flashguns.

This accessory can be fitted to Sigma’s electronic flashguns EF-500 DG SUPER and EF-500 DG ST and reflects indirect light onto the subject resulting in a three-dimensional effect.

The soft reflected light creates naturally illuminated images with minimal shadows. Indoor portrait photography with direct lighting can often result in harsh shadows and high contrast, however by using the Flash Bounce Reflector it is possible to capture naturally illuminated images that softens the shadows and gives smoother skin tones.

The Flash Bounce Reflector can easily be attached and detached by using the Velcro strips (included).

SRP: £12.99