Sony A7 III and A7R III Firmware Update 2.0

October 10, 2018 | Mark Goldstein | Compact System Camera | Comment |

Sony have released a major firmware update for the A7 III and A7R III cameras. Version 2.0 adds support for the 400mm f/.28 GM and 24mm f/1.4 GM lenses, improves LA-EA3 mount adaptor support, and offers better reproduction of the gradation of RAW pictures.

Benefits and Improvements from the latest update

    Support of "SEL400F28GM"and "SEL24F14GM"
    • Optimization of the optical image stabilization performance, and addition of a new image stabilization mode of the lens (Mode 3)(Only "SEL400F28GM").
    • Addition of a Function Ring(Lens) to the menu. Note: For the SEL400F28GM lens, the APS-C S35/Full Frame Sel. setting is assignable to the Function Ring in addition to Power Focus.
    • Addition of [Aperture Drive in AF] setting in the menu. *Using the lens "SEL400F28GM" or "SEL24F14GM", when [Silent priority] is selected, the sound emitted by the aperture drive will be reduced. This is useful in shooting conditions where camera. noise should be kept to a minimum. Note that Auto Focus may become slower when [Silent priority] is selected.
    New features:
    • [AF Track Sens] can be assigned to a custom key.
    • When used with the LA-EA3 mount adaptor [link to product page], all focus areas are supported. Note : Focus Area options added : Zone, Expand Flexible Spot, and Lock-on AF. Bracket shooting is available during silent shooting when [File Format] is set to [RAW] or [RAW & JPEG] and [RAW File Type] is set to [Uncompressed].
    Other improvements:
    • Improvement of the performance and the overall stability of the camera.
    • Better reproduction of the gradation of RAW pictures. Note: Imaging Edge software needs to be updated to benefit from the improvement in the RAW processing.
    • When shooting with a flash in an environment with flickering light sources, the stability of the exposure is improved.
    • Improvement of managing continuously shot images as a group. Please refer to the HelpGuide for updated function usage.

Sony A7R III Firmware Update 2.0

Sony A7 III Firmware Update 2.0

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