Sony DSC-S90 / DSC-S60 / DSC-S40 Announced

February 20, 2005 | Mark Goldstein | Digital Compact Cameras | Comment |

Sony DSC-S90Sony DSC-S90, Sony DSC-S60 and Sony DSC-S40 are introduced. All 3 models have a 3x optical zoom lens, 32 MB of internal memory and 550 shots battery life. The Sony DSC-S90 will cost $300, the Sony DSC-S60 $250 and the Sony DSC-S40 $200.

Sony Press Release

ORLANDO (PMA 2005, Booth 3032), Feb. 19, 2005 — With a focus on performance, Sony’s Stamina series of Cyber-shot® digital cameras set a new standard for speed, battery life and picture quality in compact cameras.

Adding to the overall value of the line, two of the models include the benefit of large LCDs for simple image inspection and sharing right on the camera. The optional Cyber-shot Station charging cradle offers additional convenience and utility to the DSC-S60 and DSC-S90 models.

All three easy-to-use, four-megapixel cameras are packed with features like Sony’s Real Imaging Processor™ circuitry for better battery efficiency, more responsiveness and high quality movie taking. The Carl Zeiss® Vario Tessar® 3X optical zoom lens on the models complements their high resolution for great picture clarity, while 32 MB of internal memory and a Memory Stick® media slot provide plenty of storage capacity.

The new models in the S-series let you take approximately 110 shots while using two “AA” type batteries and around 550 shots while using a NIMH rechargeable battery.

Sony DSC-S90So that pictures are captured in-focus with the proper lighting and exposure, the new cameras offer a smart auto-focusing and exposure system—meaning that even if the subject is off-center and in a difficult lighting situation, the cameras can automatically make the necessary adjustments. All of the models include a 3X optical zoom and 2X digital zoom for better looking, properly framed pictures.

Additionally, various preset scene modes are available for quickly selecting the best setting for the shooting conditions.

“Today’s savvy customers are demanding more from their digital cameras,” said Hiro Takahashi, Sony Electronics’ vice president for digital imaging products. “From the entry level user to those looking to advance up, our new Cyber-shot S (for Stamina) cameras meet those needs by offering intelligent features and great value.”

Sony DSC-S40DSC-S40 Model
Perfect for the first-time digital camera buyer, the pocket-sized DSCS40 model is small enough to slip in into a clutch or shirt pocket. A 1.5-inch LCD enables convenient pre-shot framing as well as post-capture inspection.

It will be available in mid-March for about $200.

DSC-S60 and DSC-S90 Models
Incorporating all the smart features of the DSC-S40 camera, the DSC-S60 and DSC-S90 models step up with an elegant new design, larger LCDs, manual exposure control and the added utility of Cyber-shot Station™ compatibility. Both of these models also offer the option to add tele- or wide- conversion lenses for greater magnification or a wider field of view.

Sony DSC-S60You won’t need reading glasses to set up the perfect shot on these cameras. The DSC-S60 model has a crowd-pleasing 2-inch LCD, while the S90 display goes a step further at 2.5-inches. The DSC-S90 camera also comes supplied with rechargeable NiMH batteries and charger. Both models will be available in mid-March for about $250 and $300, respectively.

Cyber-shot Station Accessory
With the optional Cyber-Shot Station dock (CSS-SA), transferring images and recharging the battery of the DSC-S60 and DSC-S90 cameras is practically effortless. By placing a camera in the cradle, you can switch between a TV, PC or camera for easy viewing on the display of your choice, in addition to the ability to print to any PictureBridge photo printer.

The Cyber-shot Station dock comes supplied with an AC adapter and NP-NH25 NiMH rechargeable battery and will be available in late April for about $80.


A portion of the available storage capacity is used for data management functions. Actual available memory is 30MB.