Sony World Photography Awards 2010 Shortlist Nominations Announced

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The shortlist for the 2010 Sony World Photography Awards has just been announced.  The list contains the names of 190 outstanding photographers from 48 different countries. In order to choose them, the Honorary Judging Committee had to go through more than 80,000 submissions. Astrid Merget, Creative Director of the World Photography Organisation says: “As in past years, the sheer number of entries from across the globe overwhelms us and reminds us of how universal photography is as a creative expression.  We are thrilled to see the quality of entries once again heighten and even more pleased to see many returning photographers on the shortlist.”  Click through / read on for the entire list.

Sony Press Release

Sony World Photography Awards 2010 Shortlist nominations announced

190 photographers – 48 countries – 80,000 images

The shortlist for the 210 Sony World Photography Awards is announced today, Tuesday 23 February. The list contains the names of 190 outstanding photographers from 48 different countries.  From fashion to music, architecture to current affairs, the Sony World Photography Awards is one of the most comprehensive photographic competitions in the world.

The Honorary Judging Committee, comprising world-renowned photographers, curators, representatives from leading international photo agencies and picture editors came together in London to make their selection from over 80,000 professional and amateur photography submissions.

The Sony World Photography Awards is a truly global competition with submissions received from every corner of the globe. This year’s shortlist includes a number of Sony World Photography Awards winners and finalists from previous years including Robin Utrecht, winner in the Sports category in 2008; Wojciech Grzedzinski, winner in Current Affairs in 2009 and Edgar Martins, finalist in Conceptual and Constructed in 2009.

Astrid Merget, Creative Director of the World Photography Organisation says:
“As in past years, the sheer number of entries from across the globe overwhelms us and reminds us of how universal photography is as a creative expression.  We are thrilled to see the quality of entries once again heighten and even more pleased to see many returning photographers on the shortlist.” 

In the professional competition there are 12 categories within the three subject genres: Photojournalism and Documentary (Current Affairs, Sport, Contemporary Issues and Arts and Entertainment); Commercial (Advertising, Fashion and Music) and Fine Art (Portraiture, Conceptual and Constructed, Natural History, Landscape and Architecture). 

There are nine amateur categories which are: Architecture, Conceptual and Constructed, Documentary, Fashion, Landscape, Music, Natural History, Portraiture and Sport. This year, the amateur entries were pre-selected by inspectors from iStockphoto, which were the official 2010 Pre-selection Committee, before being judged by the Honorary Judging Committee.

The finalists in each of the categories will be announced on Thursday 22 April at the Sony World Photography Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner at the Grand Lumier Theatre at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Also on the night, the 2010 winner of the L’Iris D’Or, the Sony World Photographer of the Year, will be announced and will receive $25,000 and professional Sony camera equipment. The winning amateur photographer will receive a $5,000 cash prize as well as Sony camera equipment. The final presentation of the night will be in honour of the acclaimed photographer Eve Arnold, who is the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. 

The professional category finalists and amateur category winners will be showcased in the Winner’s Exhibition as part of the World Photography Festival, a five day celebration of the craft of photography. The festival takes place across the city of Cannes, at locations including the famous Croisette, with a host of exhibitions, workshops, portfolio reviews, student programmes and talks from World Photography Academy members including Jonathan Torgovnik, Idris Khan, Chloe Limpkin (Picture Director of British Harper’s Bazaar), Reza and Bill Hunt (Co-founder of Hasted Hunt Gallery in New York. A highlight of the programme will be the ‘Photography Now’ symposium, presented by some of the leading international industry figures. It will explore the current topics, trends, dilemmas and debates concerning photography today.

For the first time, members of the public will be able to attend the Sony World Photography Awards ceremony.  Tickets, priced £25, are available via the World Photography Organisation website:

Shortlist Nominations

Photojournalism and Documentary

Honorary Judging Committee:  Chair, Aidan Sullivan (UK), Vice President Getty Images; Pablo Bartholomew (India), photographer and educator; Roberto Koch (Italy), Publisher, Contrasto and Founder of FORMA (the international Centre of Photography in Milan) and Monica Allende (UK), Picture Editor of the Sunday Times Magazine.

Professional shortlisted photographers

Current affairs
Walter Astrada (Argentina)
Marcus Bleasdale (Norway)
Marco Bulgarelli (Italy)
Adam Dean (UK)
Fayaz Kabli (India)
Alfonso Moral (Spain)
Espen Rasmussen (Norway)
Brent Stirton (South Africa)
Robin Utrecht (Netherlands)
Veronique de Viguerie (France)
Munem Wasif (Bangladesh)

Jack Atley (Australia)
Scott Barbour (New Zealand)
Thomas Beyerlein (Germany)
Craig Golding (Australia)
Matthias Hangst (Germany)
Daisuke Ito (Japan)
Palani Mohan (Malaysia)
Beniamino Pisati (Italy)
Denis Rouvre (France)
Vladimir Vyatkin (Russian Federation)
Pavel Wolberg (Israel)

Contemporary issues
Tommaso Ausili (Italy)
Bieke Depoorter (Belgium)
Carlo Gianferro (Italy)
Kuba Kaminski (Poland)
Davide Monteleone (Italy)
George Osodi (Nigeria)
Xingkai Ouyang (China)
Lukasz Sokol (Poland)
Andy Spyra (Germany)
Marco Vernaschi (Italy)

Arts and entertainment
Nicky Loh (Singapore)
Palani Mohan (Malaysia)
Calil Elias Neto (Brazil)
Paolo Pellegrin (Italy)
Pavel Wolberg (Israel)

Amateur shortlisted photographers

Miguel Candela (Spain)
Spyros Catramis (Greece)
Pietro Antonio Collini (Italy)
Juan Carlos Ruiz Duarte (Spain)
Fredrik Jalhed (Sweden)
Karlmarx Rajangam (United Kingdom)
Matt Scandrett (United Kingdom)
Matthias Selderhuis (Netherlands)
A. Danish Siddiqui (India)
Timothy Sim (Singapore)

Tien Ho Anh (Vietnam)
Claudio Casanova (Switzerland)
Leonardo Giannetti (Brazil)
Maksym Gorbatskyi (Ukraine)
François Grados (France)
Mustafa Ipek (Turkey)
Aniko Molnar (Hungary)
Yannick Pickhard (Germany)
Philip Platzer (Austria)
Simone Santi (Italy)

Honorary Judging Committee: Chair, Mark Sealy (UK), Director of Autograph (The Association of Black Photographers); Nadav Kander (UK), photographer;  Scott Thode (US), freelance curator and photo editor and Chloe Limpkin (UK), Picture Director of Harper’s Bazaar.

Professional shortlisted photographers

Martin Brent (United Kingdom)
Radek Burda (Czech Republic)
Peter Dench (United Kingdom)
Peter Franck (Germany)
Stuart Freeman (United Kingdom)
Kai-Uwe Gundlach (Germany)
Rip Hopkins (United Kingdom)
Tim Macpherson (United Kingdom)
Claire Rosen (United States)
Dmitry Rusak (Belarus)
Sonja de Sterke (Netherlands)

Jose Luis Cuevas (Mexico)
David Handley (United Kingdom)
Orlando dos Santos (Portugal)
Tom Seelbach (Germany)

Marcus Bleasdale (Norway)
Josh Cole (United Kingdom)
Rachel Corner (Netherlands)
Mohammad Golchin (Iran)
Wojciech Grzedzinski (Poland)
Stephen Uhraney (Canada)
Vladimir Vyatkin (Russian Federation)

Amateur shortlisted photographers

Anastasia Baranova (Russian Federation)
Sven Dreesbach (Germany)
Elisabeth Harvey (Australia)
Tomek Jankowski (Poland)
Wing Kit Lo (Hong Kong)
Jelena Kostic (Serbia / Montenegro)
Kofi Paintsil (United Kingdom)
Ed Purnomo (Indonesia)
Dominik ?mia?owski (Poland)
Alex Chebotar (Russian Federation) 

Sabrina Caramanico (Italy)
Bijoy Chowdhury (India)
Gerado Sabado (Philippines)
Vitali Seitz (Germany)
Elena Shevcova (Russian Federation)
Raoul Slater (Australia)
Wendy Smith (United Kingdom)
Karolina Zapolska (Poland)
Hongky Zein (Indonesia)


Fine Art

Honorary Judging Committee:  Chair, Bill Hunt (US), Co-founder of Hasted Hunt Gallery in New York; Trisha Ziff (Mexico), curator, scholar, film-maker; Michelle Dunn (USA), Co-Publisher of Aperture Magazine and Editor-at-Large at Chronicle Books and Bohnchang Koo (Korea), photographer.

Professional shortlisted photographers

Tommaso Bonaventura (Italy)
Ilenio Celoria (Italy)
Maohua Fei (China)
Rip Hopkins (United Kingdom)
Malcolm Hutcheson (United Kingdom)
Ozant Kamaci (Turkey)
Nelli Palomaki (Finland)
Magdalena P?aczkowska (Poland)
Jacek Swierczynski (Poland)
Piero Visconti (Italy)
Krystle Wright (Australia)

Conceptual and Constructed
Vladislav Danilov (Russian Federation)
Maohua Fei (China)
Stuart Hall (United Kingdom)
Janina Simone Kulcsar (Germany)
Edgar Martins (United Kingdom)
Martin Mascheski (Germany)
Spencer Murphy (United Kingdom)
Sebastian Platero (Spain)
Natalie Tkachuk (United Kingdom)
Renhui Zhao (Singapore)

Natural History
Trevor Aston (United Kingdom)
Adam Balcerek (Poland)
Arie Kievit (Netherlands)
Kacper Kowalski (Poland)
Steve Morenos (Australia)
Pere Pascual (Spain)
Paolo Patrizi (Japan)
Massimo Siragusa (Italy)
Nguyen van Thuong (Vietnam)
Nicolas Wormull (Chile)
Renhui Zhao (Singapore)

Herman van den Boom (Belgium)
Uwe Ditz (Germany)
Peter Franck (Germany)
Ozant Kamaci (Turkey)
Emil Khalilov (Azerbaijan)
Kacper Kowalski (Poland)
Pawel Mlodkowski (Poland)
Rocco Rorandelli (Italy)
Frank Schirrmeister (Germany)
Andy Stewart (United Kingdom)
Renhui Zhao (Singapore)

Duda Carvalho (Brazil)
Luca Casonato (Italy)
Alfreda Covino (Italy)
Linda Ferrari (Italy)
Walter Fogel (Germany)
Luc Gees (Belgium)
Adolf Glubschauge (Belgium)
Philipp Lohoefener (Germany)
Edgar Martins (United Kingdom)
Andreas Secci (Germany)
Mario Vivado Portales (Chile)

Amateur shortlisted photographers

Richard Brocken (Netherlands)
Nour Eddine El Ghoumari (Morocco)
Pedro Letra (Portugal)
Jupp Michels (Germany)
Italo Morales (Venezuela)
Valérie Morignat (France)
Sandipan Mukherjee (India)
Somenath Mukhopadhyay (India)
Vadim Nardin (Belarus)
Ren Rox (United Kingdom)

Conceptual and Constructed
Anja Bührer (Germany)
Ana B Escobar (Spain)
Michael Lämmler (Germany)
Jake Lowe (Australia)
Gregoire A. Meyer (France)
Sergey Politkovskiy (Russian Federation)
Martin Stranka (Czech Republic)
Eric Thalmann (Switzerland)
Daniel Tückmantel (Germany)

Natural History
Sandipan Dutta (India)
Diego Cortes Escribano (Spain)
Alex Goh (Malaysia)
Csaba Loki (Hungary)
Zoltan Gergely Nagy (Romania)
Deby Suchaeri (Indonesia)
Martin Thomsen (Denmark)
Zsuzsanna Toth (Hungary)
Karolos Trivizas (Greece)
E Zhang (China)

Andrew Bayliff (United Kingdom)
Dina Bova (Israel)
Kirill Grekov (Ukraine)
Hayri Kodal (Turkey)
Gergely Kömöz (Hungary)
Nina Papiorek (Germany)
Peter Paterson (United Kingdom)
Nenad Saljic (Croatia)
Jan Styblik
Julius Tjintjelaar (Netherlands)

Bernhard Hartmann (Germany)
Oleg Lugovskoy (United States)
Marianna Marcantonini (Italy)
Afroditi Mavroeidi (Greece)
Simon Mulvaney (United Kingdom)
Adi Popa (Romania)
Paloma Cano Rovirosa (Spain)
Wayne Shipley (United Kingdom)
Kurt Skeels (United Kingdom)
Martin Tonhauser (Germany)

Key Dates

Key dates for the Sony World Photography Awards 2010

Cannes, France
22 – 27 April Sony World Photography Awards and Festival
22 April Announcement of the L’Iris D’Or, category winners and Student Focus competition at the Sony World Photography Awards ceremony
22– 24 April The Photographers’ Programme

Photo © George Osodi courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards 2010

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