TACS Automatic Vintage Lens 2 Watch for Photographers

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TACS is proud to unveil their newest timepiece, Automatic Vintage Lens 2 (AVL2), a watch that speaks to the photographers and videographers out there. By tapping into the rich history of vintage cameras, TACS was able to revitalize their design for AVL1 and create AVL2. The Automatic Vintage Lens II is designed to mimic the feel and look of a vintage camera lens while also retaining the defining features of a watch.

TACS Press Release

Automatic Vintage Lens 2: A timepiece with a heart that Captures the Soul of photography

Bring Out Your Inner Photographer and Preorder Now via Tacs-image.com

(Tokyo, Japan.) – TACS is proud to unveil their newest timepiece, AVL2. Being an established Japanese brand that creates lifestyle timepieces, TACS set out to design a watch that spoke to the photographers and videographers out there. By tapping into the rich history of vintage cameras, TACS was able to revitalize their design for AVL1 and create AVL2. This latest addition to the TACS family shows how their timepieces strive to tell a story while representing the lifestyles of their customers.

AVL2 sees some design updates from its predecessor through multiple new innovations and ideas. First, there has been a change in the rings and layers that create the impression of a camera lens. By using depth, steps and layers, it really does appear that AVL2 is the perfect cross between timepiece and camera. A diamond-cut crown adds an additional nostalgic touch while the minute indicators give off the impression of a focus ring. The use of silver for the skeleton movement and the occasional hint of red help AVL2 stand out further.

AVL2 comes equipped with many unique features.

Camera-inspired: The overall look of this watch has to be a feature just on its own. By combining the essentials of a timepiece with recognizable traits of a camera, this timepiece is the perfect balance of both. A great look for photography enthusiasts.

Etched Rotating Bezel: Look closely at any camera lens and it’s very likely that you will see etching describing the lens type and camera brand. Taking inspiration from this camera trait, AVL2 also has etching its rotating bezel to give off that essential camera vibe.

Focus on Each Minute: AVL2 has cleverly replaced traditional minute indicators with popular camera focal lengths as a special not to avid camera enthusiasts. Little touches like this make AVL2 truly stand out.

Beating Heart: A timepiece’s movement is often hidden, but AVL2 has opted to show off its inner workings. Set as the centerpiece of the watch face, the open-heart movement is both beautiful and fascinating to behold.

Make your Watch Yours: Camera are often deeply personal items that mean a lot to each photographer. Thus, TACS has fixed a metal plate to the side of AVL2 where their customers can engrave their name or a special message for that personal touch.

Layered Design: A camera lens is made up of several layers and portrays depth. AVL2 recreates this effect by ensuring that the watch face design is also layered so that the same depth effect can be achieved.

Sapphire Crystal: TACS has opted to use high-quality sapphire crystal for the glass of both the front and back of its timepiece. The front glass also features anti-reflective coating so that viewing angles are suitable even in bright sunlight.

Diamond-cut Crown: AVL2 features a screw-down crown with a diamond-cut pattern on it.

This is not only nice to the touch and pleasing to the eye, but also gives off a quintessentially camera-related vibe.

Water Resistance: AVL2 is water resistant to 10ATM for extra durability and usability. Given that cameras travel the world with their owners and brave tough conditions, AVL2 has been designed to do just the same.

Straps: Made with quality HORWEEN calf leather and quick release straps, AVL2 ensures that comfort remains a top priority.


Diameter: 47mm Glass Front: Sapphire glass with AR Coating Movement: Citizen Miyota 82SO Glass Back: Sapphire glass

Jewels: 21 Strap Material: HORWEEN calf leather

Casing: Stainless steel 316L Strap Type: Quick release

Water Resistance: 10 ATM (100 meter / 33ft )

About TACS

TACS is a brand that seeks to take elements of lifestyle and distil them into timepieces. By telling unique stories and crafting thoughtful timepieces, TACS is able to help its customers feel like their timepieces are extensions of themselves.

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