Tenba Launches Ridged Lens Capsules and Gear Pouches

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Tenba is introducing the brand new Ridged Lens Capsules – offering hard core protection for lenses carried on the outside of camera bags, on a belt or waist-pack. Also, two new Gear Pouches – which feature a handy window to view contents.

Tenba Press Release

Tenba Tools – The Gift For all Seasons

Just in time for Christmas, Tenba has launched TWO additions to its popular Tools range

Tenba is introducing the brand new Ridged Lens Capsules – offering hard core protection for lenses carried on the outside of camera bags, on a belt or waist-pack.  Also, two new Gear Pouches – which feature a handy window to view contents!

Ridged Lens Capsules

Available in 5 sizes there really is a capsule for every lens – all the way up to a 200-400mm zoom.  A lot of care has gone into the design too – allowing capsules to be suitable for more than one lens:  for example, the capsule that fits a 24-70mm f2.8 with the lens hood extended, will also fit a 70-200mm f2.8 with the hood reversed!

The new Lens Capsules have specially moulded tops and bottoms designed specifically to safeguard lenses at their most vulnerable spots.   

Secure loop allows the Lens Capsule to be attached safely to virtually any waist belt and MOLLE compatible system. 

There’s also a microfiber lens cloth included – tucked inside a mesh pocket on the inside of the lid – for easy access when needed

Diameter allows most lenses to be stored with a lens hood attached, either in reversed or extended position (depending on lens size)

Each lens capsule features a handy grab handle and is made from high quality ripstop nylon - with YKK zippers and a durable padded interior and a soft tricot lining for the ultimate protection.   

Available in the following sizes/prices:  9x9cm (£18), 13x9cm (£20), 15x11cm (£31), 23x12cm (£32.50) & 30x13cm (£38.50).

Tenba Tools Gear Pouch

Gone are the days of searching through endless pouches to find accessories!  The new Gear Pouches, made from soft tricot material not only protect your lenses, batteries, cables and other delicate gear – but also feature a clear TPU window, ensuring you can always see what’s inside, without the need to unzip the pouch.

This is offered as two piece set – including a 7.5inch and 11.5inch pouch both in blue - a perfect stocking filler! 

Set of two pouches, £20.  

The new Tenba Tools Lens Capsules and Gear Pouch are just the latest edition to the popular Tenba Tools range – which includes a number of versatile, protective accessories – all manufactured with Tenba’s attention to detail and from top quality materials.

The Tenba Tools Soft Lens Pouches are a simple, effective carrying case and protector for the majority of popular lenses. Neoprene construction (with additional protection at the base) and a simple drawstring opening, protects lenses from dust and minor damage when travelling around in your kit bag.  

Available in black, in 5 different sizes, prices start from just £15.00 - £25

The Tenba BYOB Backpack Inserts are a range of backpack-friendly products.   These self-contained inserts are a super convenient way to organise, store and carry different camera systems – and easily drop into an outdoor backpack for photography adventures in the hills. 

The BYOB inserts perfect for photographers who are shooting landscapes one day, perhaps an early start for a wedding the next, or simply need to make a fast change of kit for when the light is right– BYOB is the perfect solution.

Available in 3 sizes, BYOB 9 Slim, 9 DSLR & 10 DSLR - prices £35, £37.50 and £40 respectively.

The Tenba Tools Protective Wraps are handy multipurpose wraps – for camera bodies, lenses, flash, filters and other photo accessories.

Ideal for space saving protection within any bag or backpack, or even to protect spare lenses in a pocket or jacket.  The wraps are available in four different colours – black, grey, blue and lime – so photographers could even have a different colour scheme for each camera system, or particular set of accessories ie filters, flash, hard-drives or cables. 

Available in 3 sizes, priced from £14-£20

Tenba Reload SD Memory Card Wallet

The Reload SD 9 memory card wallet carries up to 9 SD cards (or Micro SD with an adapter), with a velcro loop to attach to a belt, shoulder strap or backpack harness straps to keep memory cards close at hand. Unique angled pockets make it easy to remove cards quickly, and the included security cable attaches to a D-ring on a bag or tripod for safety. A clear pocket on the back also provides ideal storage for business cards. 

Priced at £16.50

The Tenba Tool Box is one of the most versatile storage solutions Tenba has ever made. It's the perfect combination of protection and organization for everything from GoPro® camera systems and professional flash units to the smallest batteries and accessories. 

The walls and dividers are made with a layered combination of protective EVA foam and rigid PE board to keep contents safe (and from shifting between compartments) inside any bag. 

Gear is always visible at a quick glance through the clear TPU window. Elastic loops keep a tight grip on batteries and cables.

Available in 3 sizes (Tool Box 4, 6 & 8) with pricing £22, £27.50 & £33.00 respectively. 

For full details on the extensive Tenba Tools range of photographic accessories please visit www.tenba.com/uk


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