The Photographer’s Mind

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The Photographer’s Mind is Michael Freeman’s follow up to his best-selling book, The Photographer’s Eye. Containing more than 400 images with schematic illustrations showing how and why they work, the book is targeted at serious amateurs, intermediate as well as professional photographers. The Photographer’s Mind is available now, at a price of $29.95.

Press Release

Explore the Soul of Photography with Michael Freeman’s The Photographer’s Mind

Unparalleled photographic expertise from the author of The Photographer’s Eye and Perfect Exposure

Burlington, MA ­­– October 28, 2010 ­­– The Photographer’s Mind explores the source of a photograph and unravels the mystery behind the creation of a great picture.  This beautiful and useful journey into the mind of the photographer is Michael Freeman’s follow up to the international bestseller The Photographer’s Eye. Now published in sixteen languages, The Photographer’s Eye continues to speak to photographers everywhere; now reaching 100,000 copies in print in the US alone, and 300,000+ worldwide. As an educator, leading photographer for Smithsonian Magazine, and author of more than 40 photography books, Freeman uses his well-honed talents to teach readers how to “previsualize” every shot.

More than any other art form, photography demands that the viewer constantly be intrigued and surprised by new imagery and interpretations.  Using text, diagrams, and images, The Photographer’s Mind teaches readers the art of composition to help them see what makes a photograph great and how top photographers achieve this goal time and time again.

The Photographer’s Mind contains more than 400 images from real photographic assignments, each with schematic illustrations showing how and why the images work. Serious amateurs, intermediate, and professional photographers also get invaluable advice for avoiding cliché, adapting to the cyclical nature of fashion, style and mannerism, working with light, and even handling the unexpected.

By advocating bold techniques and creative approaches to composition, The Photographer’s Mind gets to the heart of photographic inspiration like no other guide available. When teamed with Michael Freeman’s two other new offerings, The DSLR Field Guide andThe Michael Freeman Digital Photography Reference System, the art of digital photography has never been more approachable.

With the advent of bigger and better cameras at increasingly reasonable prices, more and more amateurs are upgrading their equipment to DSLRs (digital single lens reflex cameras). The DSLR Field Guide provides the all the know-how needed to work these new cameras so the resulting images far surpass what you’d get from the average point-and-shoot.

Using his expertise as a teacher and his decades of professional experience, Michael Freeman breaks down his knowledge of all things DSLR into language that even the most novice photographer can understand. Highlights of The DSLR Field Guide include:

·      More than 350 of Michael Freeman’s best and most recognizable images
·      Clear information on topics ranging from understanding equipment and lenses to post-production
·      A portable size, just right for the camera bag of the photographer on the go
·      A great gift idea with a low price for the dabbler and professional alike

With the explosion of digital cameras, and their ever-increasing capabilities, novice digital photographers face a considerable learning curve. Michael Freeman’s The Michael Freeman Digital Photography Reference System is their ultimate resource. Through clear language and a variety of materials, The Michael Freeman Digital Photography Reference System teaches composition, photo manipulation, and workflow all without forgetting what makes a photograph more than a mere snapshot.

Freeman’s new kit is a cost effective, all-in-one solution that delivers everything a digital photographer could need. It contains all new material exclusive to this collection and not sold separately.  The Michael Freeman Digital Photography Reference System includes:

·      The Art of Digital Photography, A gorgeous hard cover book
·      The Digital Camera Handbook
·      Digital Photography Workflow
·      Creative Image Editing and Special Effects
·      Pocket Guide to Shooting
·      Shooting Tips Wallet Guide
·      Plus an interactive DVD

All these elements are enclosed in a handy metal case perfect for photography supplies. A unique and informative gift for people with a digital camera, particularly a DSLR.

From the beginner to the professional, photographers need look no further than Michael Freeman for all the information they need to turn an idea into a great photo. Freeman’s new offerings The Photographer’s Mind, The DSLR Field Guide, and The Michael Freeman Digital Photography Reference System excel, inform, and inspire so their readers can, too.

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