Three New Photo / Slide Scanners from Rollei

August 26, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Scanners | Comment |

RCP-Technik GmbH has announced three new Rollei branded photo / slide scanners. The first photo scanner from Rollei, the P-S 100 (pictured), has been designed to digitise photographic prints of popular sizes like 9x13cm, 10x15cm (4x6”) and 13x18cm (5x7”). The Rollei DF-S 110 and DF-S 100 models are slide scanners, whose claim to fame is that they can digitise mounted 35mm slides very quickly. All of these scanners appear to have a 5-megapixel CMOS type area-array sensor inside, which is responsible for the fast scan speeds. The P-S 100 and the DF-S 110 can also output interpolated 5184x3360-pixel scans. These two models cost €149.95, while the Rollei DF-S 100 will be available for €129.95 RRP.

RCP-Technik GmbH Press Release

From yesterday comes today – slide and photo digitisation made easy

What to do with all those favourite slides that have been waiting in some cases for years to see the light of day? Or the valuable negatives or the developed photos for which there is no longer any room in the photo album? The new DiaFilm- and PhotoScanners from Rollei will save analogue shots without any losses for the digital future.

The first PhotoScanner from Rollei, the P-S 100, is the ideal solution for digitising paper photo collections. Photos or other paper-based masters in the sizes 9x13cm, 10x15cm and 13x18cm are digitised at lightning speed with the “one button” scanning function (from 0.5 seconds). You can convince yourself of the quality of the newly obtained digital photos with up to 3,600dpi on the 2.4 inch large colour display and save them on the computer, or if you prefer, on SecureDigital cards. In addition, Rollei’s PhotoScanner (RRP: EUR 149.95) has a TV output, making it possible to transfer photos to the television screen.

The DF-S 110 allows digital slide shows to be created easily on a computer and thanks to the TV output also on a television. At the press of a button, slides or negatives that were originally analogue are digitised in a record time of just 0.5 seconds and available immediately on the preview display. The maximum resolution of the scanner is 5184x3360 pixels – high-quality digital photos are guaranteed. In addition, the image processing software Arcsoft Photo Impression 6, included in the scope of delivery, makes post-editing of the pictures possible. Newly digitised photos can thus be easily compiled into creative photo albums or to create calendars. The non-binding recommended price is EUR 149.95.

The DF-S 100 rounds off the scanner portfolio from Rollei. It functions according to the same principle as the DF-S 110 and scans with a resolution up to 1,800 dpi. The digitised photo memories can be saved on SD/MMC cards. In addition, the DF-S 100, which is available at a price of EUR 129.95 (RRP), is equipped with a 24MB internal memory and can be operated just like the other two new scanners under Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS from Version 10.4, and also scores points with a TV output.

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