Tiffen 138mm Multi Rota Tray

September 10, 2015 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

Tiffen have announced a new product that combines a polariser, a variable neutral density filter and a warm-to-cool FX fader in a single unit. Designed to be used with Sunshades and Matte boxes from ARRI, BrightTangerine, Chrosziel, Movcam, Tilta, TLS Optics & Vocas; the 138mm Multi Rota Tray incorporates an ultra-thin circular polariser delivering "the greatest field of view possible," a 2-6-stop variable ND filter, an M8 compatible gearing ring and a quick-release tray, and ships with a protective case.

Tiffen MRT (Multi Rota Tray) & 138 Variable ND from The Tiffen Company on Vimeo.

Tiffen Press Release


IBC 2015: RAI Amsterdam: 11-15th September

This exciting, brand new solution, produces up to three effects in one unit:
1. Rotating Tiffen 138mm Circular Polariser
2. VND (Variable Neutral Density)*
3. Warm to Cool FX fader*

Geared 138mm Tiffen ultra-thin Circular Polarizer delivers the greatest field of view possible.
Up to 6-stops of Tiffen VND (Focal length dependant) starting at 2-stops.
Incorporates a geared ring for rotating (M8 compatible).
Quick-release tray for use with the Tiffen 4x5.65 Ultra-Thin Circular Polariser.*
Designed to be used with Sunshades and Matte boxes from ARRI®, BrightTangerine™, Chrosziel®, Movcam,Tilta, TLS Optics & Vocas.

* When used with optional Tiffen 4x5.65 Ultra-Thin Circular Polarizer, which is engraved to aid direction of use. The rotating multi tray can be used as either a VND or Cool/Warm FX.

The new Multi tray comes complete with a protective case.

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