Tokina 300mm f/6.3 Mirror Lens for Micro Four Thirds

February 3, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Lenses | Comment |

Kenko Tokina has announced yet another mirror lens for Micro Four Thirds. Measuring only 66x66mm (length x diameter) and weighing in at only 300 grams, the Tokina 300mm f/6.3 is a lot more compact than the longer but slower Kenko 400mm f/8, which was also announced recently. Like its bigger brother - and the vast majority of mirror lenses -, the Tokina 300mm f/6.3 is a manual-focus lens with a fixed aperture. The lens takes 55mm filters, focuses down to 0.8m and offers a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:2. The recommended retail price has not been revealed yet.

Source: Kenko Tokina

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