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October 10, 2018 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories , Software | Comment |

Tourbox is an advanced controller with customized creative inputs to simplify and optimize control of Photoshop, Lightroom, and other software. TourBox is launching soon on Kickstarter with discounts of to 50% Off retail price for early adopters.

Tourbox Press Release

Tourbox Redefines Creativity in Photoshop with Kickstarter Release of Intuitive New Controller

A talented group of tech engineers and designers have teamed up to create an innovative new customizable controller for Photoshop that makes drawing, editing, and retouching simple, natural and fast. Now, designers can save time and effort and instead concentrate on creativity.  

This intuitive new tool for Photoshop has been released to the public and is available on Kickstarter now: 

The palm-sized TourBox adds powerful new control to Photoshop with a natural extension of the editing tools. The ingenious device uses a fully-customizable knob, wheels and buttons to eliminate 90% of repetitive work and replace it with simple twists, scrolls or clicks. It works in conjunction with mouse and graphic tablet to enhance tool control in a natural, intuitive way which accomplishes common tasks easily. With it, users can work faster, more conveniently and concentrate on creativity.  

 “As designers ourselves, we love Photoshop’s powerful features but we also know very well its limitations. Our goal was to create an easy to use, customizable controller that could make repetitive tasks faster so that users could free up their time to concentrate on the creative process. With TourBox, we created a new tool that enhances the connection between artist and art.” – CEO & Founder of TourBox

TourBox uses a totally customizable set of controls that are laid out ergonomically to reduce the amount of motion necessary to complete repetitive tasks. Using its combination of inputs, users can take advantage of the most-used Photoshop tools to adjust sizes, change values and achieve finer control. The knobs and wheels can be adapted to work best with personal user workflows and assigned customized shortcuts. Some of the main tasks that TourBox can improve are:

  • Full Brush Control – of Size, Hardness, Flow and Opacity
  • Zoom In/Out, Drag function, and Fit to Screen
  • Undo/Redo functions to Step Backward/Forward
  • Along with a multitude of Dial and Switch controls to Select Tools, Adjust Parameters and much more. 

TourBox has advanced features and control but is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. After controls and shortcuts are assigned, it just takes minutes to master control. During beta testing, users reported that they felt comfortable with the device in less than 5 minutes and would continue to use it daily. 

The device is compact and comfortable and easy to take on the go for travel and business trips. TourBox is fully-compatible with Mac/Windows, Plug & play, and works seamlessly with any version of Photoshop.

The TourBox Photoshop assistant is a game-changer for novices and professionals alike and the best way to take creativity to the next level. TourBox is launching soon on Kickstarter with discounts of to 50% Off retail price for early adopters. 

For more information and details visit the homepage: 

Website: https://tourbox.kickoffpages.c...

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