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Kodak 5500Kodak have unveiled independent test results that confirm the company’s claim of saving customers up to 50 percent on everything they print. Third-party testing lab QualityLogic compared the Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One printer to 12 other industry-leading printers. The analysis confirmed that in every case, Kodak EasyShare AIO printers offer consumers more pages for every $5 of ink purchased.

Kodak Press Release

Kodak Reveals True Ink Costs for Consumer Inkjet Printers Using QualityLogic Yield Test Results

Third-Party Yield Data from QualityLogic Used to Confirm Kodak’s Claims that its Low-Cost Premium Inks Save Customers Up to 50% on Everything They Print

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 10—The proof is in: Consumers save most when they print with Kodak’s inkjet printers. Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK) today unveiled ink yield test results and cost-per-page analyses, confirming Kodak’s claim that KODAK EASYSHARE All-in-One Printers’ premium, low-cost ink saves customers up to 50 percent on everything they print, compared to similar consumer inkjet printers.

The company contracted with third-party testing lab QualityLogic Inc. to compare Kodak’s AIO printer ink yields to those of 12 other industry-leading printers. QualityLogic’s testing of black-and-white and color/text pages meets the recently released ISO standards for measuring ink cartridge yields.

From QualityLogic’s ink yield data, Kodak developed an ink cost-per-page analysis, comparing cost of ink and printer photo paper for all printer models tested. The analysis confirmed that in every case, Kodak EasyShare AIO printers offer consumers more pages for every $5 of ink purchased. Savings are based on printing of documents and photos, using average ink costs of comparable consumer inkjet printers.

“In the spirit of giving consumers the most information possible, we are fully disclosing performance results for all the printers tested and how costs-per-print were determined,” said Magnus Felke, product marketing director of Kodak’s Inkjet Systems Group. “Consumers are frustrated with how much they spend on ink, and how little they get for the ink they buy.  Kodak continues to change the game by finally equipping consumers with the data they need to make an educated purchasing decision.”

QualityLogic tested the Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One printer and competitive models for page yields using the ISO 24711, 24712 and 19752 standards for color and monochrome page yields, and their own methodology for photo yield. The page yields were then used by Kodak to determine cost-per-page findings. Detailed methodology and full test results are available on request to [email protected]

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