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July 27, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | General | Comment |

Picpack is a new service that allows you to print your Instagram photos on magnets. The Berlin, Germany-based start-up enables Instagram users to select a dozen images from their Instagram feed and order a 12-pack of 5,8cm x 5.8cm fridge magnets featuring their own photographs. A pack of magnets costs €18 including worldwide shipping.

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Picpack Press Release

Launching Picpack: a Personalized Printing Service That Turns Instagram Pictures Into Magnets

Berlin, May 9th 2012 — Starting from today, Picpack, a personalized printing service that turns your Instagram pictures into magnets, is leaving the beta phase and is now available for everybody.

»Just over half a year ago, we came up with the idea of Picpack. Seeing so many happy customers already, including the incredibly positive feedback we get from all over the world, makes us really excited to open Picpack to everybody«, says Jakob Fricke, one of the three co-founders.

»We are really excited to offer the Instagram users — by now already more than 50M – the service of turning their photos into magnets.« adds Tadas Š?erbinskas, CTO and co-founder.

The magnets can hold up to 4 sheets of A4 paper on a fridge, their dimensions are 58 x 58 mm (2.28 x 2.28 in) and they have slightly rounded corners.

A pack always contains twelve pics, which users can select from their own Instagram feed. It costs 18 € including shipping worlwide and is printed and shipped the next working day from Berlin. Shipping takes between one to seven days, depending on where you live.

»The magnets are high quality printed and have great magnetizing power. The service is easy to use and is not too expensive.« says Henrik Berggren, CEO of Readmill and one of the first customers.

Picpack is based in Berlin and is run by Thomas Albrecht, Jakob Fricke and Tadas Š?erbinskas. Picpack started as a weekend project and is proudly 100% bootstrapped.

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