Voigtländer Bessa III Pricing Confirmed

March 20, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Film | Comment |

The European price and launch date of the Voigtländer Bessa III medium format rangefinder camera have been confirmed. The Bessa III, announced last autumn, now has a confirmed MSRP of 1999 euros. Availability is slated for May 2009. The Voigtländer Bessa III 667 (marketed in Japan as the Fujifilm GF670) is a folding bellows camera that uses 120 and 220 format roll film. With a special selector switch, you can specify whether you want it to shoot a 6x6 or a 6x7cm frame (the actual dimensions are 56x56mm and 56x69mm, respectively). The Bessa III features a HELIAR 80mm f/3.5 lens, whose angle of view is 53 degrees for 6x6cm frames, and 57 degrees for 6x7cm ones. Click through for more specs.

Name: Voigtländer Bessa III
Type: Medium format folding bellows rangefinder camera
Lens: HELIAR 80mm f/3.5
Angle of View: 53 degrees (6x6 size) or 57 degrees (6x7 size)
Focusing: Manual
Focusing range: 0.9m (3ft) to infinity
Finder: Coincidence type rangefinder with bright frame and automatic parallax correction.
Shutter: Electronically controlled lens shutter. Shutter speed: 4 – 1/500 sec
Exposure control: Centre weighted average metering. Exposure compensation: +/- 2 EV by 1/3 EV steps
Film winding: By film advance dial
Battery: X1 CR2 Lithium battery
Size: 178mm x 109mm x 138mm (open) or 64mm (closed)
Weight: 1kg

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