Zhiyun SMOOTH-X Smartphone Gimbal

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The new Zhiyun SMOOTH-X is a stylish palm-sized foldable gimbal that weighs only 246g and easily fits into your bag.

The SMOOTH-X will be available for purchase by the end of May priced at £59.99 or in a combo kit with a a tripod base and case for £69.99.

Zhiyun Press Release

Explore Your Xtra Life Anywhere, with Zhiyun SMOOTH-X

New stylish, foldable, extendable, and affordable smartphone gimbal with brand new ZY Cami app

Zhiyun, the world’s most popular gimbal brand for cameras and smartphones, is pleased to announce the launch of the SMOOTH-X smartphone gimbal. SMOOTH-X is a stylish palm-sized foldable gimbal that weighs only 246g and easily fits into your bag – or even your pocket. With the new dedicated ZY Cami app, SMOOTH-X provides new ways to capture and create stories. Unfold your world with foldable SMOOTH-X – it is a whole new spin on the gimbal.

Power in Simplicity

SMOOTH-X is a new foldable smartphone gimbal which reaffirms Zhiyun’s dedication to leading innovation in gimbal design. By rotating the vertical arm, you can turn your gimbal into a palm-sized stylish gadget that is small enough to toss into a backpack or even a pocket. Thanks to the unique design, the axis never blocks the view even in ultra-wide angle shooting.

SMOOTH-X lets you explore the wider world from a broader perspective with a built-in aluminum telescopic rod. It can extend your reach up to 260mm. Now you can include more friends, get more views, and have extra fun.

Simplicity is king, and SMOOTH-X provides the smoothest operating experience because it is unimaginably simple to use. You can shoot, film, and control zooming with the handy operation panel. The multifunctional M button allows you to capture moments in versatile modes, and switch between landscape and portrait in a breeze.

SMOOTH-X is very beginner-friendly, allowing direct control of phone cameras with Bluetooth connection. Four-hour runtime and direct charging with a power bank keep you powered up for creation.

Intelligent Shooting

Newly added intelligent gesture control feature makes SMOOTH-X a perfect companion for solo travel or group shots. Just make a V gesture or wave to the camera to start taking a photo/video without any timer settings.

Wherever you go, SMOOTH-X follows. Simply frame the desired object of the video shoot, and then let SMOOTH-X do the rest. Slow motion, immersive timelapse and panorama are offered in the function palette.

Awesome & Easy Edit

ZHIYUN’s ZY Cami is a dedicated app especially for the SMOOTH-X. ZY Cami provides a system that is smart, friendly, and easy but also offers advanced professional functions. Now there is no more need for tedious, tiring editing – SMART filmmaking mode offers a palette of preset story templates integrated with customized music, camera motions and special effects. Create your film in minutes.

To give you even more control, professional editing software is now available in ZY Cami. Everything you could possibly need is here: cutting, clipping, adding music, stickers, subtitles, transitions, beauty mode and more.

Pricing and availability

Zhiyun SMOOTH-X will be available for purchase by the end of May at ZHIYUN Official Store at £59.99. Zhiyun will also be offering a SMOOTH-X combo kit for £69.99 which includes a tripod base and case.

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