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Fireworks by supermarvin76In anticipation of the July 4th celebrations, I've trawled the web for the 11 best tips and tutorials on photographing fireworks. And even if you don't live in the US, they should come in handy on more than one occasion this year. The fireworks photo pictured was taken by PhotographyBLOG Gallery member supermarvin76.

New York Institue of Photography
How to Photograph Fireworks
One of NYIP's "Top Ten" most requested "How-To" Articles.
Shooting Fireworks with a Digital Camera
Great advice from professional Jim Barthman, both for during and after the display.

Fireworks UK
Techniques for photographing firework displays

More on photographing fireworks
Some great links to fireworks photos from the UK; be inspired!
Top Tips for Shooting Fireworks

The usual succinct advice from BetterPhoto.

Garry Black Photography
Photographing Fireworks

Top tips from a professional stock photographer.

Photographing Fireworks With a Digital Camera

Digicam-specific advice.

Imaging Resource
July 4th fireworks tips!

Comprehensive advice from Michael R. Tomkins.

About Photography
Shooting Fireworks

Excellent 4-part series of articles - essential reading.

Sky DreamZ
Fireworks Photos
Entirely dedicated to photos of fireworks displays from the UK.

Quick tips for great firework pictures
7 quick tips from this great UK site.

So there you have it - 11 links that should teach you all you need to know about photographing fireworks. Got a great tip that hasn't been covered in any of these articles? Or do you know of a great article that I haven't included? Leave a comment and let everyone know. And after July 4th, when you've taken loads of great shots, make sure to post them in the PhotographyBLOG Gallery.

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